What To Wear To Paintball For The First Time

Paintball is undoubtedly a fun game, and one enjoys it a lot. Especially if you are a beginner, you will find the game quite exciting. However, paintballing is more challenging than it seems to be. It would help if you were very careful about many things, especially regarding safety and protection. A paintball might look harmless, but you may suffer from severe injuries if it hits you at the wrong place at the wrong time. So, it is always better to take precautionary measures. 

Now, this brings us to the question: What to wear to paintball for the first time? This is  important to ask yourself when you are planning to play the sport. The reason is that paintballing might be a dangerous activity if you are not dressed, considering the safety precautions. Let us look at what you should wear when you go into the paintball field for the first time. 

Guide on What To Wear To Paintball For The First Time?

Here are some of the safety gear you must wear even if you are an expert on paintballs, let alone a beginner:

What To Wear To Paintball For The First Time

1. Paintball Mask And Goggles

You will find a variety of safety gear for your face and eyes on the market because the eyes are

one of the most delicate parts of the human body. In case, if someone gets hit in or around the eye area, they might lose eyesight or suffer from various other eye-related disorders. 

Besides, the full-face paintball mask is recommended to ensure complete protection for your face. While playing and having fun, you may get a shot in your face that may be fatal. 

2. Cap or Sandana

Some players even go for a helmet. Although it is very unlikely to get hit on your head unless someone hits from the top. However, there is no harm in staying safe and adopting various preventive measures. Even if you do not have a helmet, you may opt for a baseball cap and just wear it backward, and you are good to go. 

Even headbands or sandana also make a good choice as the primary purpose is to cover your head and to protect it from the paintball shot. So, a bandana also serves the purpose. 

3. Body Protection

Since the body makes the most significant part exposed, the danger of having injuries also increases manifold. Especially if you are a beginner, it becomes all the more important to be extra-careful about your physical safety. For that matter, players mostly wear full sleeves sweatshirts. 

Ideally, you should wear a protective vest specially designed for paintball players. Although you might feel odd at the start, then you will get used to it, and you will enjoy the game fully without worrying about being shot in your body. 

4. Lower Body Protection

When you are talking about your body protection, how can you forgetthe lower body? Yes, the ideal gear clothing for the lower body is a pair of long pants or even cargo pants.

There are other options also, like pads for your legs. As you will be running around to dodge your opponents’ shots, you need to be comfortable and well-protected. Aso learn how much does paintball cost in 2023.

5. Footwear

Again, a comfortable but practical pair of shoes is a must-have if you are playing paintball for

the first time. It largely depends on the playing field, but whatever the case, the boots should

be suitable for you to move around and enjoy the game. Playing outdoors is all the more important because there might be mud and dust or a slippery surface that would

hamper your movement. 

6. Gloves

The hands are the essential part of the body you need to take care of. However, the best option to protect hands is a pair of padded gloves. Most of the time, people prefer fingerless cloves to ensure optimum control for the trigger. So, choose the best gloves carefully; if the material is slippery, you might grip the gun as you should. 

Factors That Count For The Gears Of Playing Paintball

There are some factors on which your clothing choice would largely depend. Most of them are as under:

For instance, if you start to play paintball at the age of 6, you will need more protection. Similarly, the type of field also determines how you should prepare yourself physically and mentally. Besides, if you are using standard or low-impact paintball guns, you must make your choice accordingly. In the case of standard guns, the typical age bracket in most cases starts at age 10.


Do I need to be experienced to play paintball?

You do not need any prior experience to enjoy paintball. You will learn on the go. You may have a good time and even the game the first time you play the game if you only stay vigilant and have fun on the field. 

What should I not wear for the paintball game?

The best way to go is to leave the minimum part of your body exposed. The reason is, firstly, the safety, and secondly, the paintballs stink. So, always wear some full sleeves shirt and pants to cover your whole body.

Is layering a good option?

Yes, of course, you can stay safe and sound if you have multiple layers of clothing. In addition, you can take off one or two layers if you feel hot or you think that it is not needed. 


So, this concludes with a comprehensive account of what to wear to paintball for the first time. Now, you can simply opt for suitable gear for yourself. There are many options available online as well as in physical sports stores where you can find the best size and color for yourself.

The most important thing is to enjoy the game and stay safe. For that matter, you have to make intelligent choices regarding clothing so that nothing hinders you while playing the game on the field. 

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