What To Wear Paintballing Girl (Summer, & Winter for Girls)

One more good thing about the paintballing game is that it is not gender-specific. Even girls can also play paintball. However, you have to prepare yourself before going into the field. 

Now, if you are a girl going to join a paintball game for the first time, you must be thinking about what to wear paintballing girl. You have landed at the right place. Keep reading, and you will know how you can prepare to be the winner of this paintball game. 

What 3 Things to Wear Paintballing Girl

1. Forget About The Style

Although style and glamour are in your very nature as a girl, if you want to be an ace player of paintball, you have to ignore your interest in glamourous dressing. Instead, you have to be rough and tough. Ideally, you have to put on your old clothes that can cover your entire body—ideally, a full-sleeved sweatshirt and long trousers. As you run around, hiding and dodging your opponent, you must keep yourself safe while attacking them with all your tricks. 

2. Stick To The Basics

Do not try to overdo anything. It would help if you stuck to the basics, including covering your body to keep the paintball shots. If you pack yourself with extra clothing and layers, it will become difficult for you to move around.

So, the only solution is to opt for simple, rather old clothing that is both comfortable and practical to keep you moving, dodging the shots, and hiding out. 

3. Protective Clothing

Apart from the innerwear, you must ensure that you are safe on the outer side. For that matter, there is specialized paintball clothing. If you are a beginner at the game, here is your checklist for the protective clothing you must have.

The girls sometimes find it difficult to keep themselves safe in the field for the first time. Therefore, it will prove helpful for you. 

What 3 Things to Wear Paintballing Girl


Hands, the most used organ in our daily lives, need proper protection. This protection comes in the form of padded gloves. You may choose various sizes and colors of gloves specially designed for girls. But these are a must-have to ensure optimum grip on the trigger and protect your hands.


You have to be very careful about your face, especially your eyes. If you get shot in your eye area during a paintball game, you may suffer from severe health issues like loss of eyesight, etc. So, a good-quality Google is a must-have to play paintball. 

Protective Vest

Another essential gear for the paintball game is the protective vest, which is an additional layer to your body. As the backbone and abdomen make the most of the part of the human body, your opponents are likely to attack your body. So, this needs extra protection. 

Knee Pads

As much as the upper body is essential, we cannot ignore the lower body. For that matter, knee pads make the best choice. They will protect your bones and legs from breaking or fractures if you are running around. 

What to Wear for Paintballing in Summer?

For girls, it is essential to know beforehand what and how to prepare for everything. But it becomes a tricky choice for a paintball game in hot summer. So, here are some things that you can do to cope with the challenge. 

  • Wear loose clothing, preferably breathable material, to ensure the outlet of body heat.
  • Go for a long sleeve sweatshirt and avoid shorts
  • Use some cream or lotion, preferably a sunblock, to protect your skin from the scorching heat. 
  • Choose a shady area to play paintball. 
  • Keep yourself hydrated. 
What to Wear for Paintballing in Winter?

Winter choices are easy as you need to pack up yourself anyway. However, you have to watch out for frostbite in extreme cold. Moreover, you can choose insulated clothing and boots to stay safe and enjoy the game. The layering of clothes is the safest bet, as you can take off the jacket and outerwear if and when needed. 

  1. Loose-fitted pants like cargo pants or thick sweat pants.
  2. Padded sports bra.
  3. Loose fitted shirt or top
  4. A headband or a bandana
  5. Some protection around the neck. There are many types of neckbands available for this purpose. 
  6. Good quality, reliable pair of shoes. 
Do paintball shots ruin clothes?

No, the paintballs are non-toxic, non-staining, and biodegradable. The stains from a paintball shot are not permanent; you can remove them using regular detergent. 

What is the best option of clothing for paintballing?

The camouflage overalls make the best choice as they are comfortable and practical, and you can easily wash them repeatedly. 

Can I wear regular shoes for paintballing?

It also depends on the weather you are playing the paintball game. In Winter, you should wear padded boots to protect you from the cold. In summer, however, you may use regular shoes as long as they are comfortable and easy to run around. 


In short, these are the basic guidelines for girls who are playing paintball, especially for the first time. This is a comprehensive guide for those looking for an answer to the question; What to wear paintballing girl. Now you have a piece of complete information about the clothing and the protective gear you need to have before you go into the field to play. 

All you need to do is to get hold of the mentioned things, pack up yourself, and enjoy yourself with your friends and family. Have fun, and stay safe. As they say, “Tomorrow never comes,” this is your chance to be a winner. So, have a blast of your life on a paintball field.

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