What To Wear For Paintball – 10 Things You Should Consider!

Many of the new paintball players have asked this important question of what to wear for paintball. So we are bringing important information for your ease in finding out what you need to wear for paintball. Many elements are involved when we talk about this topic in the discussion.

Also, there are many protective aspects coming with paintball gaming. Thus, it’s mandatory to wear protective gadgets while playing paintball. Plus, the main reason for wearing these protecting elements is to keep the player safe while playing paintball. We’ll discuss the main and the most important in all to help you find the best for you.

What to Wear When for Paintballing?

Elaborating on the specifications of these wearings is necessary to get your attention on your protection and comfort. Winding up the intro, let’s just jump right into the features.

1. Loose Pants and Old Pants

Wearing tight pants while playing paintball can distract your shooting. This is the reason why it is prescribed to wear loose-fitting pants that make your legs work freely. Also, wearing loose pants allows airflow through the legs to keep them fresh and full of strategies.

Loose Fitted Pants and Old Pants

Moving from the pants, the second-best option is to wear old pants while playing paintball. Paintballing is a game where we get a stain on the clothes as fire hits us. Thus, wearing old pants instead of new ones is better for getting tension-free stains.

2. Armors

This is an essential part of what to wear for paintball, known as a body protector or Armor. It keeps you away from the fast and hard shoot of paintball. These armors are uniquely constructed with top-quality hard materials that keep you all secure.


As a choice, it is best to get nylon or polyester materialized Armor because these are easy to wear. These polyester and nylon-made armors have got a lightweight construction that is an excellent option for effortless gaming. Because of their lightweight construction, it is easy for kids to get a protected approach to the paintball.

3. Paintball Gloves

It is possible to get a shoot of paintball on your hands that may hurt your hand. This hurt of the hand can take your strategies to a disturbing platform. So, keeping this hurting aspect restricted, come up to the field with complete hand protection by wearing your classical gloves. That is why the professionals come to the field wearing gloves on their hands.

Paintball Gloves

For security and carrying comfort purposes, gearing gloves on the hands is the best choice.

4. Top

Putting on a comfy and relaxing top adds many flexibilities to your gameplay. Sometimes, wearing a tight shirt or top adds itchiness to the body that may disturb your game. This is the reason why Professionals recommend wearing a loose style durable top.  

Doing this will add comfort and coziness to your body so that you can play a freestyle independent game.

5. Paintball Headwear

In slow shooting scenarios, wearing stout headwear is not that important. So you can take a regular wearing cap just to keep your head protection on. On the other side, keeping a firm helmet on your head is a great protective option for a fast paintball shooting schema.

Paintball headwear

The main work of these helmets is to protect your head, ears, and forehead from hurting paintball shots. So it’s for of the main things about what to wear for paintball.

6. Shoes

Playing on a stone field is just a simple condition for paintballing. In that condition, wearing casual shoes is not comfortable and also gives zero protection to your feet. So choosing the right security for your shoes, you have to wear joggers, running shoes, and other gaming shoes.

Paintball Shoes

Firstly, these completely closed shoes help to keep your feet safe from damaging stones and other bruising things. Secondly, these shoes will maintain to retain your feet in a place with great insurance that further prevents you from being distracted.

7. Rain Suit

Playing in outdoor conditions may create any rainy scenario that can ruin the whole gameplay. So take rain suits in your bag packs to handle the rainy situation. These rain suits retain dryness because of their water-resistant everlasting construction. As a result, wearing a rainsuit is major to playing a nonstop match even in rain.

8. Paintball Masks

It is a significant wearing for paintball gaming that it comes with many security and comfort features. As we know, paintball is mainly a game that involves your eyes, so we need to protect the eyes first to keep the game on. Ultimately,  you can have a clear field view to get the power on.

Paintball Mask

On the other hand, it is necessary to maintain the comfort of playing paintball. So choose a Paintball mask that is full of face-comforting features as well as eye protection. Putting on a mask on your face will protect you from the damaging strikes of paintball together with a nonblurry view.

9. Goggles

Playing in a slow shooting scenario doesn’t require wearing heavy gear like helmets and masks. It is okay to wear Google for your eye protection because the probability of hitting can appear at any time. Thus, get the maintained and powerful Google for your eyes.


Playing in a rush can disturb your eyes with dust particles that may distract your shooting. These goggles can prevent fog, smoke, dust, and air particles from entering your eyes to have a completely authentic look on the field.

10. Earpieces

Earpiece addition in the wearing gadgets is completing the comfort zone of your shooting. Every player needs zero noise and disturbance while playing so that they can manage to get fires of their desire. Keeping the earpiece in your ear reduces noise to zero for comfort completion.

There are chances available on every field to get a fire on your ear on the other side. As a negative point, this fire on the ear can be a hurdle in your shooting. Taking ear comfort to the level of perfection with its security, it is necessary to put on earpieces.

Why is it necessary to put on these clothes and gadgets?

In some cases, we have been informed that some players have gotten body damage because of their less protection. Looking at this, the top suggestion from every professional player is to wear completely protective clothes and gadgets on your body.

Is it important to wear all of these gadgets on your body?

Some people can not bear the weight burden of these complete clothes and gadgets. Secondly, playing in a slow and less damaging shooting condition, getting a fire on your body doesn’t hurt you. That is why you have to choose the necessary clothes and gadgets for varying conditions.

So seeing these recommendations, we can say that wearing all of these gadgets is not important. Further on, just put the prominent wear for your comfort and security. This will help you to gain strategies, accuracy, and every professional skill for sure.

What is best to wear for paintball?

Most players wear loose or dark sweatpants, jeans, jumpsuits, BDU cargo pants, or paintball-specific pants. The most common type of paintball injury is an ankle injury, so this is an essential component. Usually, players wear football cleats, army boots, and hiking boots to keep themselves safe and secure.

Do paintballs stain clothes?

Biologically degradable and nontoxic, paintballs do not stain. The paintball fill won’t eternally stain the clothes, so the paint will not permanently stain the clothes. Washing the clothes will make sure they are clean as usual.

What should a girl wear to play paintball?

The player should be fine if she wears layers and a thick sweatshirt. The summer months are the perfect time for paintball chest protectors. The player can also wear a super padded bra for a more convenient alternative and one that will bring you comfort. Further, there will be dirt on clothes after paintballing.

Final Thoughts

The discussed information from the top regarding what to wear for paintball is helpful for us to use the best wear in varying schemas. Also, these mentioned points create ease for you in choosing the wear and put on gadgets.

Going to the field with zero comforts is not okay for your gameplay. Also, keeping zero protection and safety wear doesn’t work for long-lasting strategic gameplay. In conclusion, the best choice is to keep the complete comfort and protective wear on the body to help your shooting.

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