What is a Paintball Marker? Everything About Paintballing

There is something true and not denied about a game that allows you to go out into a big field and shoot your family and friends without anyone getting hurt. For those passionate about outdoor activities, that game is paintball. For those outsides, but looking in, it looks like a crowd of men and women pretending to be professional warriors, but this cannot be led as a truth.

So if you want to discover what is Paintball marker, the types of markers, and everything about paintball markers, this article is definitely for you. For more on the aim of knowing about the styles and factors to be considered when choosing paintball markers, Let’s have a look at the detail.

What is a Paintball Marker

What is a Paintball Marker?

A paintball marker, commonly known as a “paintball gun” or simply a “paint gun.” It is the heart of your paintball experience as most paintball markers are considered like real firearm guns, used to mark an opposing player with paint. Therefore, to become a true paintball player, it is necessary to possess an excellent paintball marker that can be a perfect style of play.

Types of Paintball Markers

There is much to discuss regarding paintball markers and their styles and types. In the competitive market of paintball markers, their styles and types are drastically improved and growing in trend. However, in the past few years, thus making they more precise and easy to use. Most popular markers like REI and airgun are the most well-known markers compatible with vented paintball guns.

Whether you own a used or new paintball marker, there is a huge difference between the useful paintball marker that works and those that don’t. Once you explore the difference between the markers, it will be easier to decide what suits your comfort and skill levels.

1- Standard Paintball Markers Paintball Markers

The standard paintball markers come with a similar look commonly found in the market, at events, and in online stores. The standard paintball markers contain a bolt release lever system on the backside of the marker that is used to drop the balls into the marker.

Moreover, the standard paintball markers are made with durable material, thus focusing on using common mass generation paints and hardwoods. The standard paintball markers are found in various customized colors. However, it is easy to search for the standard colored paintball marker with modified materials like wood, aluminum, and even metallic finishes.

The most well-known standard paintball markers are available in spray 2×6 balls, Spray2X4 balls, and 2×3 balls.

2- Ballistic Paintball Markers

Ballistic paintball markers are at the high end in terms of durability. Thus focusing on the heavy use of water-based paints with nonstandard finishes in hardwoods and other well-known wood species.

3- Mechanical Paintball Markers

This is the most commonly used paintball marker available in the market. Likewise, the electronically powered markers by a 12-gram CO2 cartridge, electro-pneumatic markers use compressed air to operate. Moreover, ball markers and programmable markers are the new types of markers as they do not use compressed air to operate. However, they use electronic chips and work in a similar way as those of ball markers.

Buying Guide for the Paintball Markers: What to Look For?

Planning to buy the best paintball markers can be an overwhelming task. So once you decide to buy one for your recreation, the most important thing you should keep in mind is the product’s features as this is what the manufacturer or seller highlights to the best of his way.

So without waiting, let’s dive into the main features that you should look for:

ASTM international

The most important feature of the paintball marker is the rules prescribed by ASTM international in the paintball markers. It is a worldwide global company that defines the safety standards and approvals for new technologies in various industries, including paintball.


The paintball marker’s caliber can be defined as the approximate diameter inside the barrel of the gun. Also, it defines the diameter of the paintball marker, as this is the most important factor to consider when buying paintball markers.

First Strike

The first strike paintball marker is considered the best in the competitive market as it is a type of marker that offers 2 times more range than a regular paintball and is 25 times more accurate in shooting. It also comes with a 68 caliber fin to stabilize the ball in flight, so look for this feature.


The best quality paintball markers come with velocity adjusters. It is the speed of the gun at which the marker travels. So the velocity of the paintball marker is the foremost factor to be considered.


Paintball markers usually come with containers made from plastic attached to the vertical feed and houses of the paint.

Vertical feed

Vertical feed is the capacity of the paintball marker that is controlled by the nozzle and defines the number of paintballs. It also falls from the hopper down into the firing chamber. The markers containing vertical feed options are considered the best and most practical.

Upper Receiver

The upper receiver is the feature of the original and realistic guns. It replaces the hopper and is attached to the paintball magazine to make it a fast and reliable shooter.


The best paintball markers come with protective covers that function by sliding over the barrel to protect your hand better while shooting paintballs. The handguard is a feature of larger-sized paintball markers.


Semi-automatic is a feature of the best quality paintball marker that can reload itself with the next load from the hopper or magazine after every shot. Still, to shoot again and fire each round, the player must press the trigger.


The automatic paintball markers propel rounds non-stop until there is no more ammunition or when you press the trigger down. So automatic and semi-automatic options are best to use with ease.

What is the difference between a paintball gun and a paintball marker?

The paintball gun and paintball marker are the same things, as both are used to elaborate the air-powered guns and markers used by paintball players to shoot paintballs at one another during paintball play. The terms paintball guns and markers are interchangeable with modern paintball equipment.

How does a paintball marker work?

The paintball marker works with the collision of the valve, releasing gas from the external pressurized tank into the internal bolt chamber. The ensuring burst of gas channels out the front end of the bolt, propelling the paintball down the barrel.

Are our paintball markers considered firearms?

The paintball market uses the air weapons section of the firearms act 1968 to regulate the game. Therefore, the home office users do not consider paintball guns to be firearms because they fire frangible ammunition, which breaks upon contact rather than reflecting a penetrating injury.

What are the different types of paintball markers?  

The paintball markers can be classified into three basic types, electric sear tripper, pneumatic poppet valve, and spool valve.


So to wrap up, what is a paintball marker? Due to the marker’s versatility, it is undoubtedly a great sport for those who are passionate and do not forgo this game at any cost. From beginners to professionals, you can play with a group of friends or a crowd of strangers. Additionally, you can play the game in urban environments or the woods.

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