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What Does An Auto Accident Attorney Do?

An auto accident attorney specializes in handling personal injury claims and works to secure the best possible settlement for their clients from insurance companies or the at-fault party. When you hire an auto accident attorney, they will undertake several key steps to build and present your case.

Firstly, they will gather all the relevant evidence, such as your account of the accident, medical records, police reports, and witness statements. If the other party has legal representation, your attorney will communicate with them as well. Additionally, they may visit the accident scene to collect further evidence and consult with experts if needed.

Once all the evidence is compiled, your attorney will draft and send a demand letter to the insurance company or the opposing party’s attorney. This letter will detail the facts of the case and the damages you have suffered, including economic damages like medical expenses and lost wages, as well as non-economic damages like pain and suffering. The demand letter will conclude with the settlement amount your attorney is seeking. The insurance company may accept, negotiate, or reject the offer.

If an agreement cannot be reached through negotiation, your attorney will initiate a lawsuit and begin the discovery phase. During discovery, both parties exchange all relevant documentation to bolster their claims.

If the case does not settle during the litigation process, it proceeds to trial. The trial involves jury selection (or a judge’s decision if a jury is not involved), opening statements, witness testimonies, cross-examinations, closing arguments, and jury instructions. The jury then deliberates and delivers a verdict.

While most auto accident cases are settled out of court, having an experienced attorney is crucial to ensure fair negotiation and, if necessary, effective representation during a trial. Ali Awad, a skilled negotiator and litigator, strives to secure maximum settlements for his clients’ injuries and losses.

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