5 Types Of Paintball Guns: What Is The Best Gun To Choose?

Types of Paintball Gun

Paintball guns come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. The sport has been around since the 1980s, so updated versions in modern times have replaced many old models.

However, despite this fact, you can still find some great options for the best paintball guns from years gone by when researching your prospective equipment.

In any case, knowing about different types of paintball guns will be useful when you want to upgrade or add to your collection. A whole range of options is available to suit different playing styles and budgets.

Aspects such as accuracy and fire rate are important considerations, but having a gun that also looks cool might also be a factor for some players!

5 Different Types of Paintball Guns

Paintball markers can be categorized into these 5 types: pump paintball guns, semi-automatic paintball guns, tournament paintball guns, mechanical guns, and electronic guns. Each type has its benefits and drawbacks, but they all have one thing in common, which is the ability to shoot easily small round balls.

However, it breaks open when hitting another player’s body or equipment left on the playing field without causing injury or any damage. Check out the brief about each paintball gun below!

1) Pump Paintball Gun

One of the most basic paintball guns is called a pump marker. However, this one requires manual pumping to be cock each time before you shoot, but this means that it can have low rates of fire.

It behaves much like a regular gun might, making it simple to use for new players who are uncomfortable with other types.

Pump-action guns are also generally chosen by those who want more accuracy over speed during play. If you take your time cocking the gun every so often and aim carefully, then these guns can offer great results for pinpoint target shooting at mid-range or beyond.

2) Semi-Automatic Gun

An upgrade on the pump marker is a semi-automatic gun. Those who like power and adrenaline might lean toward this option, as it tends to fire faster than other types.

It uses gas or compressed air to shoot out small paintballs at a high velocity and rate of fire. Some come with an extra magazine so that you can quickly reload while firing without pumping in between each shot.

If speed and many shots are your priority, then a semi-automatic paintball gun might be the best choice for you. However, these weapons will usually have higher prices because they often include additional features such as adjusting how much gas is being released from the tank when firing.

Besides, this means that you’re getting something more versatile overall, but it might not be what best suits your budget or playing style. Tournament-style paintball guns are your best bet for competitive players who want the ultimate in speed and performance. These weapons have extremely high rates of fire, so if you’re looking to use cover effectively, then it might be better to choose another option.

3) Tournament Paintball Gun

Another type of paintball gun is a tournament marker that comes with a highly sensitive trigger that fires faster than most users can keep up with!

They will usually include additional features such as magazine systems that allow for rapid reloads between firing and electronic grips that display details like how many shots are left before needing to reload.

Also, the regulators deliver an increased amount of gas pressure for higher velocity shots.

4) Mechanical Paintball Gun

Mechanical Paintball Guns are paintball guns that have no electronics. They use springs, levers, and other simple mechanisms to help propel the ball out of the barrel at a high velocity. Most Mechanical paintball guns are either single-action or double-action.

A single-action paintball gun only fires when you pull the trigger one time, so it is ready for another shot right away. With a double-action paintball gun, pulling the trigger twice fires one round.

However, pulling it back down halfway doesn’t reset your position to neutral –  it puts more tension on the spring (preparatory to further firing), kind of like cocking any gun before firing again. This mechanism is not as reliable.

Most mechanical paintball guns use CO2 tanks, and therefore you must occasionally replace them with a new one if you run out of gas or air to fire your paintballs. Mechanical Paintball Guns are very reliable and need little maintenance; however, they usually require more skill than electronic (electro-pneumatic) paintball markers.

5) Electronic Paintball Gun

Electronic paintball guns come with several advantages over older models operated by compressed gas cylinders. Some common advantages include: the following electronic markers have no exposed propellant residue, meaning they do not emit harmful fumes when fired.

There is no effect on the environment because there are no used-up gas canisters or other residue left behind after firing an electronic marker. Electronic markers fire more rapidly than traditional paintball guns, increasing the target acquisition rate.

Electronic paintball guns also have several disadvantages compared to their gas-operated counterparts. Some disadvantages include: – The constant use of batteries increases operating costs associated with owning an airsoft gun. – Mechanical malfunction may occur due to extreme temperature conditions or mishandling of the equipment by players.

Mechanical Paintball Guns vs. Electronic Paintball Guns

Most professional players will opt for an electronic marker rather than a mechanical one because of its increased firing rate, accuracy, consistency, and ruggedness. However, many beginner or intermediate paintball players enjoy playing with Mechanical guns.

Since they have fewer moving parts, which means fewer things that can go wrong, making the gun more durable. Another difference between the two guns is that Mechanicals shoot slower and lower velocity than electropneumatics.

Mechanical Paintball Guns vs. Pump Paintball Guns 

Pump paintball guns are single-shot, meaning they can only fire once before you must pump them again (usually by sliding the pump handle forward and back). This makes it very difficult to aim since your weapon will be dropping as you prepare to fire it after each round.

Mechanical paintball markers also have an easier trigger pull which will help you shoot more accurately with less finger fatigue.

What is the Best Paintball Gun Option to Choose?

One of the most popular modern options is a hybrid gun, which can provide higher rates of fire than pump-action models. It works using an electronic trigger and sensing system combined with a more traditional cocking mechanism or pump before each shot. This allows the user to get off multiple shots quickly while maintaining good aim!

There are pros and cons associated with all different types of paintball guns. Whether you’re just starting or looking for something new, knowing about your prospective equipment will help you focus on exactly what you need to learn and how to improve your game.

However, the Tippmann A5 Gun is the best option to choose for beginners and professionals. Their marker and barrel make it more unique and durable than other guns. Therefore choose this best gun if you are confused and get the best one.


I hope from our articles you have learned which one is the best paintball gun. From the above guide, we are all told about what the experts say to us. So, if you have ever not read about the types of paintball guns before. go to the above article and read it carefully!

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