How to Fill Paintball Tank With Air Compressor In 7 Steps

How to Fill Paintball Tank with Air Compressor

Suppose you are all set to play your paintball gunshot in the middle of the ground, and suddenly, the air tank runs out during the game. What will you do now? And How to Fill Paintball Tank with Air Compressor?

Its obvious answer is that you have to refill it to get yourself back in the paintball game. Refilling the air tank is quite similar to the process of pumping the air into the tires. It would be best if you understood that the air tank operates with a maximum of 4000-5000 psi, also known as pounds per square inch. Any typical compressor that can be used for vehicles has the power of 180 psi or even more power. 

But the main question is how you can fill the paintball tank with the air compressor. Let’s dive into the discussion and see how it is possible!

How is the Filling of the Paintball Tank made Possible? 

Paintball guns have air tanks that specialized air compressors must fill. Most players refill their paintball gun tanks at the paintball gun playing fields or paintball gun shops. 

There is a small charge for using the air compressor. Most air compressors operate similarly. If you have ever had to fill a flat tire, you will have no problem refilling the tank. Due to the convenient gauge attached to the air compressor, they are even easier to fill.

What Kind of Tanks is Available for Refilling your Paintball Tank?

Identifying the type of tank you own is the first step in a step-by-step guide to refilling it. There are only three types of tanks available for the actual contents: HPA, CO2, and Pure Nitrogen. 

Tanks of compressed air that contain high-pressure oxygen are known as HPA tanks. Those with the highest pressures will give you high-powered shots on the field. There is also CO2, which is compressed carbon dioxide. Is there a difference? Compressed CO2 may or may not be liquid. Paintballs only become gas after they are released from their tanks or after you pull the trigger on the paintball gun.

One of the rarest types of air tanks is the Pure Nitrogen tank. The problem with this kind of tank is that it may be difficult to refill it – even at a paintball station. Because of this, HPA or CO2 are the best options.

What kind of tanks is available for refilling your paintball tank?

Refilling Your Tank – A 7 Steps to Fill Paintball Tank with Air Compressor

As you finalize the refilling station, the next important step is filling the tank. The compressor of the HPA tank is quite different from the CO2 tank. Hence, both of them have similar refilling stations. Follow the below-mentioned step-by-step guide for quick refilling of the paintball tank:

Step 1: Searching for a Tank PSI

An indicator should indicate the PSI that your tank should contain. You should never exceed 4500 PSI, which is usually the maximum.

When you have a CO2 tank, it is recommended that you first refrigerate it to stabilize its temperature. By doing so, you can easily fill it up through the bit of brim very easily.

Step 2: Attaching the Fill Nipple

Consider your air tank’s attachment carefully. After attaching the hose to the tank, you should see a dark brown O-ring that prevents air from escaping. The tank would not be able to fill if you find the O-ring. This is because the air will somehow escape through the tiny surface. If you cannot find it, call someone.

You can still expose the central needle if an O-ring is attached to the attachment. Plug this into the filling hole of your tank. You can jiggle the hose a little to make sure it’s secured. Make sure the attachment is firm.

Step 3: Start Filling the Tank Slowly 

Release air slowly into the tank once you’ve determined the attachment. Press the compressor lever to do this. However, some compressors have buttons on them, so make sure you pay attention.

No matter which lever or button you decide to use, don’t push it all the way. Rather than fill rapidly, fill slowly and surely. As the gauge is filled, the needle should move upwards. You should know what category your paintball air tank belongs to since paintball air tanks have only 3000 or 4500 PSI.

Step 4: Watch out for both Gauges

There will be a gauge in your gun, and there will be another gauge in your air compressor. Watching both gauges as you refill the tank is a good idea to ensure the gauge is functioning properly. It would be ideal if both gauges moved similarly – indicating that both are working correctly.

Step 5: Preventing a Tank Hot Fill

Filling a tank on a fast basis is probably the biggest mistake you are generally making. It occurs when you push the lever or the button too hard, called a “hot-fill.” Your tank gauge rapidly rises as air blows off the compressor and into your tank. This can cause damage to the tank and could lead you to overestimate the contents of the tank.

The tank appears to be filled with hot water after a hot fill. Even if the tank is not in use, the gauge will drop after disconnection because the air will get hot. Keep the filling process slow to avoid this. Having your tank suddenly empty 15 minutes after topping it off is the last thing you want.

Step 6: Start Releasing the Pressure

Rookies often overlook this step, which is the most important one. As long as the air compressor still has air inside it, you can transfer it to the tank after you’ve completed the air refill. Release the air from the air compressor by using the release valve. 

When the pressure is not released properly, air flows through the hose. It can cause damage to your whole tank, especially to the section of the fill nipple.

Start Releasing the Pressure
Step 7: Detachment of the Hose

Once the pressure has been released, you will not perform the detachment of the hose straight from the fill nipple. You have to perform this whole action in the reverse setting with a collar.

Start pulling it down and then remove the hose from its main attachment. Locate the tank hose very gently back to that position, and here you are all set to use it again. 

Frequently Asked Questions
Can you fill a paintball tank with a regular air compressor?

The Paintball Gun requires a minimum pressure of 3000 Psi. So you can not fill a paintball tank with a regular air compressor. If you try to do it, you will fail badly.

Can you hook up a paintball gun to an air compressor?

Yes, you can test your low-pressure paintball gun at home and save money on tank refilling. It will work on any home air compressor with a standard air nipple hose fitting.

How do you fill a CO2 cartridge with an air compressor?

In order to fill, the Player will need proper compressed air fitting for his air compressor hose. He should Attach the CO2 fitting to the fitting at the end of the compressor hose. Screw the other end of the fitting into the CO2 tank, tightly. At the top of the fitting, there is a bleed-off valve that needs to be unscrewed as well.

Can you fill an airsoft HPA tank with an air compressor?

Yes, you can fill the HPA tank with an air compressor easily. HPA stands for high-pressure air, so you can easily fill the airsoft HPA tank with an air compressor.


So, How do Fill a Paintball Tank with an Air Compressor? Putting the right parts together is all it takes to refill your paintball gun air tank. It will become easier and more automatic as you become accustomed to it. If you play often, you have to refill often, so investing in your air compressor will make your life easier and save you a lot of money.

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