How Much Does The Average Paintball Gun Cost?

For all those out there who like to play shooting games like airsoft and laser tag, you must also give them a try to paintball. You will enjoy playing paintball as it is also an exciting shooting game.

However, you have to consider the costs involved in buying the equipment before you decide to play the game. Keep in mind that it is a shooting game, and you cannot risk yourself and others’ lives by ignoring the right equipment purchase.

Now, if you are wondering how much the average paintball gun costs, you have landed at the right place. Yes! You might be surprised, but it is a fact that paintball is, by no means, a cheap game. You have to bear in mind that you need to have a handsome budget if you have to purchase a paintball gun. More than the paintball gun, the accessories cost you more, and the overall expenses certainly increase.

How Much Does An Average Paintball Gun Cost?

Although there has been a fall in the prices of paintball guns over the years due to increasing competition, the price is still on the higher side compared to other sports. The average price of a paintball gun starts from $100. Still, you may quickly find a paintball gun worth $1000 too, and the main reason is that there are different types of guns available on the market.

Another thing that counts here is that the price of accessories puts you under extra financial pressure. But all this equipment is inevitable, and you cannot jump into the shooting field without the accessories, as safety comes first.

Let us look at the factors that affect the price of a paintball gun:

  • Quality: One of the primary factors is the quality of the gun. If the gun is manufactured with high-quality, reliable material, it will be expensive compared to a low-quality gun. You can only know by comparison and the looks of the weapon.
  • Marker: Another essential thing is the marker. If you are looking at the cost of 2 markers having the same price but different quality, either one or both will be heavy on your budget. The reason is the better quality and performance of the markers. Always opt for the gun with a high-quality marker to avoid disappointment, as the low-quality marker does not get the perfect target.
  • Brand: Branded paintball guns are mostly expensive. For example, JT paintball guns make a reliable option if you are tight on your budget. Still, if you plan to play the game in the long term, consider Bob Long paintball guns, as they are perfect for competitions and tournaments.

What Are The Accessories Required While Playing the Paintball Game

What Are The Accessories Required While Playing the Paintball Game

1) CO2 tank

The paintball gun’s price will depend if you buy it with or without the CO2 tank. In most cases, the tank comes with the paintball gun, but whatever you prefer is up to you.

2) Paintball Mask

Now, protection is essential so that you can compromise on the cost of the paintball protective mask. In light of the fact that there have been increasing cases of paintball eye injuries during games, you should go for an expensive but reliable cover rather than risk your safety.

3) Paintball Gloves

A pair of gloves is another essential accessory to play the game. Hands are the last thing you dare risk during a shooting game. So, that adds to the cost as well as the protection while playing the game.

4) Vest

As the chest is the most significant part of the body exposed during the shooting game, your opponents would definitely target your chest and back. For that matter, it is inevitable to protect yourself with a vest. However, that also adds to the overall cost of the paintball game for you. But then, you have to protect yourself too.

5) Paintball Ammo

Now, who can play paintball without ammo? So, you have to buy the ammo, and that is also in good quality, like at least 1000. In fact, if you buy more of them, that will prove economical.

The cost of the paintball gun, along with all the accessories, comes out to be around $300, which is quite reasonable considering the amount of fun and entertainment you can have by playing the game.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the average speed of the paintball gun?

On average, the muzzle speed of paintball markers is almost 90 m/s (300 ft/s). It also depends on the paintball field and its size, as there are restricted paintball guns, starting from 250ft/s.

Do smaller paintballs hurt more?

The smaller paintballs are usually half an inch in diameter. They are comparatively lighter in weight than the conventional 0.68 caliber paintball, and for the same reason, they hurt less.

Can paintballs cause injury?

Yes, paintball injuries may be fatal if you get hurt. The most common minor injuries are light bruises, cuts, fractures, etc.

How long do 100 balls last in paintball?

If you are an adult and a master of the game, even a 100 balls pack will not be enough for you as you will only have used 100 balls in one game. So, it is advisable to play with at least 1000 balls.


Paintball is undoubtedly fun, and you may master the skill with practice. However, precaution is the first thing you should consider, especially if you are a beginner. As far as the costs are concerned, nothing is more precious than your and your friends’ safety, right?

So, always strive for your safety, no matter how expensive the paintball gun or the accessories are. After all, it is worth it, as you will be able to have fun and enjoy yourself with friends while staying safe and sound.

Although the game might cost you a bit more than other games, you will have a hang of it with the passage of it, and you will forget about the budgetary constraint when you will start enjoying the game.

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