How Do Paintball Grenades Work?

A devilish type of paintball equipment that comes with an unfair advantage over your opponents is grenades. The paintball grenades come in handy when you are in a hairy situation, and you need to come out of it.

But how do paintball grenades work? 

Have you thought it over?

Paintball grenades are small-sized devices specially designed to release and explode paint, flash, and smoke when lobbed at an opponent. They come with a small charge having a short fuse and explode on impact to destroy, distract, and splatter paint on the opposing team members. 

What are Paintball Grenades?

Paintball grenades are the components of paintball pyrotechnics, confer an undue advantage to the user, and spruce up the game. The grenades come with simple color paint filled with color balls equipped with a short fuse and pyrotechnic charge that mentions when the pin is pulled.

However, the paintball grenades cannot be used legally in the game but can be used in woods ball and any recreational ply.

General Working of Paintball Grenade

The paintball grenades are simple but can be used as a handy weapon. The grenade will work well by pulling the pin and lobbing them into your opponents. When you pull the pin, it will result in the ignition in the delay fuse that leads to igniting the charge.

Thus causing the explosion in a grenade. The fuse in the grenade burns for 3 to 5 seconds, and it all depends on the particular model after which it explodes. 

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Working on Explosive Paintball Grenade

An explosive paintball grenade resembles the combat grenades commonly used by the military and comes with small packing of explosive black powder. They function with a short fuse to control the explosion and scatter the content or material.

These grenades consist of a small plastic bag with the wrapping of paint around the banger with the fuse as the whole assembly is held in the breakable fiber case. 

The fuse is present at the top of the case, and a friction-sensitive material is attached to a firing pin on the top. The grenade has a covering cap that acts as a safety catch. Use the grenade by pulling the ring and removing the cap.

That will ignite and burn in the black powder core for about three to five seconds, causing the grenade to explode. Same as the combat grenade, the paintball grenade explodes with a huge bang and scatters the paint within the particular radius. 

Working on the Non-explosive Grenade

The non-explosive paintball grenades are a simple type of paintball grenades and are homemade. These grenades are like water balloons consisting of rubber tubes sealed securely on one end and filled with paint.

The other end is loosely sealed with the help of an arming pin. In the non-explosive grenade, the rubber tube is filled with 10 ml of pressure-filled paint. When you pull the arming pin, the grenade is thrown against the hard surface, resulting in paint spilling and scattering on the large area. Any player found in the blast area is automatically expelled from the game.

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Tips for Using Paintball Grenades

Use of paintball grenades comes with injuries and damage to players, so to avoid the risks, one should follow the below-given tips:

  1. Avoid direct contact with paintball grenades, no matter the type you are using.
  2. Use the paintball grenades only in the designated area.
  3. Do not throw the grenade in that direction where there might be crowded with people to avoid yourself and other people.
  4. Must be aware of the surroundings to make sure to throw them in the clear areas before throwing the grenade.
  5. The grenades should not be treated like toys as they are harmful.
  6. While using the paintball grenade, always wear safety goggles to avoid eye damage.
  7. After throwing the grenade, do not stand in the blast radius.
  8. Always use an exact route.
  9. While playing, warn your team members.
  10. To avoid danger, keep your grenades dry.
  11. Do not throw the cap of the grenade gear.


Can you use paint grenades in paintball?

The paintball grenades are built to withstand abuse from paintball players and the elements and make for an explosion. That’s why it is not allowed to use in paintball.

How much is a smoke grenade?

Compared to smoke bombs that come around a few cents, the smoke grenades cost around $40.

What are air soft grenades?

The soft air grenades are single-use grenades. They come with a small explosive inside that ignites when it is lit with the striking mechanism.

Can civilians buy smoke grenades?

The civilian’s smoke grenades are also known as smoke grenades and are classified as pyrotechnics and fireworks; Enola Gaye Smoke Grenade is specially designed for civilians. 

Does an airsoft grenade hurt?

The soft air grenade should only be used with the airsoft guns because they can cause injuries to people when in contact. 

How do airsoft smoke grenades work?

The airsoft smoke grenade comes with a large push button on the back of an internal valve, as when it opens, the gas reserve directs the pressure into the rear of the BB chambers. 

Final Verdict

The paintball grenades are not allowed to use in paintball games, but they are handy in recreational games and speeds ball. They are designed to aim for the explosion on impact. If you want to play paintball grenades, precautionary measures should be followed for must, and the non-explosive paintball grenades should be used to avoid any injury or damage. 

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