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Do Paintballs Hurt – Read this Before Playing Paintballing

This is one of the asked questions when we talk about the paintball game. So we’re here to discuss in detail what do paintballs hurt? Many factors contribute to this very concerning question.  You can experience pain, but its severity is not easy to explain.

There are many reasons for a player to get a bruise out of a paintball shot. So your method of playing determines the damage that these paintballs can cause. We’ll try to dig deep into this question in today’s topic and find all the possible answers.

Factors that can Make Paintballs Hurt You

Answering a question without talking about its factors doesn’t justify an answer. So we’ll try to go through the major reasons that can contribute to paintballs hurt!

Factors that can Make Paintballs Hurt You

1.     Type of paintballs:

This is one of the important factors causing you hurt in the body. Many types of paintballs are available and sold around the world. High-quality paintballs hold a great purpose when you shoot them. They can easily crack with just an impact.

On the other hand, low-quality paintballs have lesser density. The outer shell of these paintballs is very hard to break on impacts. That’s the reason why quality paintballs may not hurt as much as they may imagine.

So when low-quality paintballs hit you, then you are going to experience pain. As the outer shell even colliding with your body doesn’t break easily. So it will add more stress to the place of hit on the body and cause you pain.

2.     Distance from the shooter:

The distance is another major aspect in determining whether the paintballs hurt. The paintballs will lose speed the longer they travel. So when a farther shooter hits you, then you don’t feel great pain or experience an injury.

Many families enjoy the paintball game with the distance thing in their minds. It is because they understand that more distance will keep them safe from injuries; you can experience great pain when you’re hit from less distance.

Most paintball players have this rule to keep maximum distance. This will keep players from the trouble of getting hurt. Hence, distance has a great effect when you ask, do paintballs hurt?

3.     Wearing thin clothing:

The pain of the impact also stands on this very point. If you’re wearing thin clothing, then you can expect to get bruises on your body. Playing in a casual T-shirt and trousers is not going to rescue you from paintball hurts.

Many professional paintball players recommend wearing safety gear when playing. This keeps them safe from uncertain blows, and that’s the proper way to conduct paintball matches. So paintball impact’s severity depends highly on the clothes you’re wearing.

You can also get an idea of paintball hurt from the point of impact. If you are hit on the body where there is no fat, then you will get hurt. So the point of impact is also a thing to notice when demonstrating paintball hurt.

So make sure to wear protective gear as you start playing among friends.

4.     Speedy shots:

Most paintball fields have this rule to limit the shooting speed range. But if you’re playing in your backyard, then things can go out of control. Friends don’t care about following rules, and that can be disturbing because the extra shot speed can cause severe bruises on your body.

Shooting at the right speed range can make your gun strike hot. This makes every shot dangerous for the target. Therefore, it is advised that you shoot at lower frames per second. The conditions can vary from one field to another. So shooting results can change at the same time as well.

Moreover, if you shoot fast and from a close distance, then that can result in a mess. You can experience a severe bruise on your body with a lot of pain. So players must avoid such situations by devising safe game rules.

5.     The game’s foundation:

You can’t avoid getting shot on your body when playing this shooting sport. That is the main principle on which this sport mainly lies. Players try to avoid getting shot, but they always get shot in the end. This is the game’s foundation that you need to understand.

Players can’t expect to go out in a field without getting shot. So you must be ready to face the odds when playing paintballs.

6.     Your body resistance:

Does this point exactly explain why do paintball hurt? Many bodies have feeble body structures so they can’t take strong impacts. So if you have natural body resistance, then you won’t suffer from great body pain. Players get s bee-stung feeling with better body resistance.

So the pain just fades away in a matter of a few seconds. On the other hand, you can experience the worst pain scenario if you’re with a stumbling body resistance value. The body resistance is sometimes natural. Many players perform different routines to improve their body’s resistivity.

How to Avoid Getting Hurt by Paintball?

You can start playing smart from this day onwards. The above discussion gives you many points to follow. These points are very helpful in upbringing your match’s safety. So let’s talk about these points below,

Go Prepared:

It would be best if you tried covering every part of your body. This has a positive effect when you start playing paintball with your friends. Covering your body will help you avoid direct skin contact with paintballs. The direct skin contact of paintballs can result in painful bruises. Always wear a paintball mask before you get started.

So even if you get hit on the body, you will experience less shot intensity.

Set the Rules:

Players must understand the importance of rules in the paintball game. It would be best if you devised a plan to keep the shot velocity in check. Also, players should maintain a safe distance when playing on the field. This will help them to stay out of danger.

Play with a Different Strategy:

You can improve on your game’s strategy when you keep getting hit in the game. Many players fall victim to many hits on the same body spot. This can result in very great body pain. So try to devise another game plan to avoid getting hit on the same spot.


What do paintballs feel like?

The paintball impacts mostly disappear after a small time. Most players suggest that they felt a bee-stung feeling after getting hit. It’s very different from the brutal impacts of airsoft games.

Can paintball kill you?

No, paintballs can never kill a player. But they can become a cause of bruises or small body injuries. This can happen when the players don’t play with a proper game plan. So they end up in total frustration.

How can I make paintball less painful?

Many factors contribute to this answer. You can limit your skin exposure when playing paintball matches. The players can also wear protective clothing to avoid the harsh impacts of the shots. They can wear helmets and safety goggles.

Also, players suddenly change their body positioning to avoid extra damage done to the body.

What hurts more, a BB gun or a paintball gun?

Paintballs are significantly larger than airsoft BBs, so paintball impacts are more complex, even though airsoft BBs travel a bit faster. Therefore, paintballs are more painful as compared to airsoft BBs when it comes to simple impacts.

Final Thoughts

Now you have abundant thoughts regarding this trendy question regarding; do paintball hurts. Above all points will help you become aware of hurting from the paintball that many paintball players face. So you can start changing your game habits from this very day onwards.

So there are many tips that you should remember to stay safe. Players can protect themselves by wearing protective gear and safety helmets, for example. They should also avoid direct skin contact with the paintball shots. This will help you stay out of all sorts of trouble when playing paintball matches!

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