Do BB Guns Hurt More Than Paintball?

Paintball and BB guns are used for different shooting sports. If you need to become more familiar with the sport, you have come to the right place because you need to know first about the difference between them to enjoy the sport. Although they look similar, the main difference lies in the pain they inflict.

Therefore, if you want to know; do BB guns hurt more than paintball, the answer is yes! The BB guns hurt more. The main reason is that a BB is a solid, lightweight bullet that travels fast and hits the target inflicting more pain.

Do BB Guns Hurt More Than Paintball?

On the other hand, the paintball fires only a paint-filled bullet or pellet. The gun has compressed gas and is commonly known as a marker.

Since both of the guns are used for a combatting sport, the primary purpose is to enjoy and have fun, but the BB guns are generally more hurtful than paintball. Paintball is an elimination sport where the target gets out when hit. So, it is only symbolic of hitting the target.

What Determines The Level Of Pain Of A BB?

Muzzle Energy

The first is the muzzle energy. The muzzle energy is the force by which the BB is being shot. If the BB is fired with high energy, it will travel faster. The momentum gained through the air will make it more dangerous as it will hit the person.

Type and Size of the BB

There are different types and sizes of BB used in other guns. However, suppose you have a heavier BB travelling at the same speed as a lighter BB hitting the same target. In that case, the heavier BB will be more dangerous.

Shooter’s Range

The range at which the shooter is firing a BB dramatically determines the level of pain the BB will cause. When you shoot a BB at a shorter range, it will cause the target more pain as compared to the situation where you are shooting from afar.

Where Did You Get Hit?

Now, this is also an important factor because, obviously, there are some delicate parts of the human body, like the eye, neck, spinal cord, and other joints, where even a light shot will hurt you more. That is why there are specific instructions for shooters to dress up appropriately to ensure safety.

How to Avoid Severe Injuries During BB Gun Shootings?

No matter what sport you play, the primary purpose is to enjoy, not hurt others or yourself. As safety comes first, you must ensure that you are well-protected while playing all sports. Especially in games like paintball or BB gun shooting, you have to ensure that all the players stay safe.

How to Avoid Severe Injuries During BB Gun Shootings

For that matter, there are proper gears available for the shooters. Since the BB gun, if shot from a short range, may hurt you severely, you need to buy the best quality gear for yourself before you actually go into the field. Let us have a look at some of the protective equipment you must have.

Protective Vest

A vest is a must for shooters because the body is the most significant part of the body visible to the shooter, even from an extensive range. At the end of the day, you do not want to get hurt in your chest or back, so there should be no question about going into the shooting range without wearing a protective vest.


Being one of the most delicate parts of the body, the eyes also need protection. You may choose from a wide range of colours and designs of protective goggles specially designed for BB gun shooting. However, the primary purpose is to stay safe and protect yourself from getting hurt.


This is, again, not an ordinary mask. It is a unique mask that covers your face such that you may look through while your nose, lips and eyes are duly protected against all sorts of injuries. This is a must-have for all shooters to avoid a brutal hit on your face, especially if you are a beginner.


Now, suppose you are wondering why do we need kneepads. In that case, the answer is that shooting sports are usually played outdoors, mainly in jungles or construction sites where you have enough space to hide behind.

During the game, if you happen to stumble over some obstacle, you may get hurt from falling over. So, the kneepads are more for protection from other injuries rather than BB shots.

Boots and Gloves

How can we forget about the boots and gloves? They are the most important gears. You can not imagine playing a BB shooting game without protecting your hands and feet. The gloves protect your hands and ensure a firm grip on the ammunition.

Similarly, you might run away from your opponent. So, it would be best if you had a reliable pair of boots. You may choose suitable boots from your nearest sports market.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the age limit to play paintball?

The average age for the paintball player is between 8 till 11. It is not an adult sport, but children below eight years are also not allowed to shoot the paintball.

How to reduce pain caused by BB?

It will help if you put a cold compress over the area affected as soon as the BB hits you. It will soothe the pain and make you feel better.

Can a BB gun shoot pellets?

No, a BB gun can not shoot pellets, but pellet guns can shoot BBs.


So, here is what you need to know as a beginner about BB guns do BB guns hurt more than paintball or not? Additionally, it would help to consider some protective measures before you finally go into the field to play. Although it is a fun sport, you can not compromise your safety. Therefore, it is essential to get hold of the mentioned gears beforehand.

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