Common Paintball Injuries – How to Protect Against The Injuries?

Paintball is indeed a fun activity for youngsters and is getting popular also. But it may also put you in extreme danger if you do not take precautionary measures before you go into the field. Apart from minor injuries to severe accidents, you may suffer a lot. So, the best approach is first to protect yourself from potential injuries.

Before you decide to take on your opponent in the paintball fields, you first need to know about the common paintball injuries to have an idea about what exactly you are up to. Therefore, here are some of the most common injuries you may have during a paintball game.

Common Paintball Injuries

1) Eye Bruises

The eye area is one of the most sensitive parts of the human body. Even if you get the tiniest particle into your eye, it can cause severe eye issues, let alone an injury, while playing your favorite sport, paintball. So, you must protect yourself and your eyes from damage as it may lead to cornea scratches, hemorrhages, and temporary or permanent loss of vision.

2) Ear Bruises

Similarly, getting hit on or around your ear is undoubtedly a painful experience. Suppose you have been shot from a short range. In that case, you may suffer badly from tinnitus, concussion, or a permanent loss of hearing in the worst-case scenario. In some cases, the players have also ruptured the eardrum due to an ear injury.

Ear Bruises

3) Head Injuries

Any sort of head injury may be dangerous even otherwise, and a paintball hitting you on your head may prove fatal. The paintball pellet may cause severe bleeding or minor bruising. However, in either case, you need to be extra careful when it comes to playing paintball.

Head Injuries

4) Minor Cuts and Bruises

Besides serious injuries, minor bruises are very common in a paintball game said, JoshoG. Especially if you are hit from a close range, it may be harrowing. It is advisable to wear protective gear for the sport to avoid such accidents.

Minor Cuts and Bruises

5) Sprains and Muscle Pulls

Besides, the injuries caused due to shooting and hitting may have torn your Muscle. A twisted ankle may also hurt you while running away from your opponent. Such issues are pretty ordinary, even if you are an expert player.

Sprains and Muscle Pulls

6) Infections

Since you can play this game of paintball in areas with thin bushes to easily hide from your opponent, you may catch some infections and germs from your environment, especially if it’s a bushy or grassy area. However, such conditions are less common but not impossible.


7) Broken Bones

Besides being hit by the pellet, you may get injured by running around and protecting yourself from the pellet shooting. For example, if you try to hide and run from your opponent, you may bump into a rock and break your joints.

Broken Bones

How to Protect Against Injuries

Now, this is the next logical question we would be answering if the game of paintball is so dangerous; what can we do to protect ourselves? Let me walk you through some of the possible steps you can take to do so:

Wear Chest Vest

There are specialized vests for the players of paintball. Since the opponents would target the most significant part of the body, which is your chest, it is inevitable to shield your chest against any possible injuries.

Cover your Elbows

Separate protection for elbows is essential because most of the vests available on the market do not have protection under the arms. But then you need to have a proper shield for elbows if you have to dive around or be hit on the elbow. For that purpose, you should wear elbow pads.

Wear Knew Pads

Similarly, as paintball is an outdoor game you mostly play in the jungle or other hiding sites like construction sites, you may need to hide from your opponent. You may need to kneel or stumble over. So, to avoid knee injuries, you can opt for knee pads.

Not to Forget Gloves

How can we forget to cover our hands while playing a shooting game like paintball? Gloves protect your hands from getting bruises and ensure a firm grip on your gun. So, we can not emphasize enough the use of specialized gloves to protect your hands.

Must-Have Footwear

Now, one essential piece of gear you can not miss is footwear, specially designed for the paintball game. As you have to move around and run in muddy or maybe bushy areas, you need to ensure that you do not compromise on your speed of running and also stay safe. So, proper paintball boots are necessary if you want to ace the game.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the age bracket for playing paintball?

Ideally, you can play a paintball game after age 12. However, there is an option for mini paintball for children between 8 till 11 years.

How long does it take to recover from a paintball injury?

It largely depends on the severity of the injury. Still, the average recovery time from a paintball pellet is two weeks.

Is paintball a good exercise?

Any physical activity definitely benefits you in the long run. Like any other sport, paintball is a full-body workout, and it is a healthy exercise to stay fit and energetic for a long time.


After going through all the information given above, paintball may be a healthy and competitive game. Still, it is not at all safe to play the game without proper protection of your body. Since safety comes first, you have to be extra careful against common paintball injuries.

Especially if you are a beginner, because you might not be familiar with many of the tricks and hence may fall prey to your opponent. Even a tiny pellet may cause you severe injuries if you are not well-protected. So, take your time, take precautions, and then enjoy your game to the fullest without any injuries. All you have to do is choose the best protective gear for yourself, and you are ready to go!

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