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Best Paintball Hoppers Of 2023 (Buying Guide)

Hello! Paintball lovers, here I am to review the top best hoppers of paintball markers.

I have been a player of paintball games with many years of experience and know much about the excellent hoppers to play with. You might even think that paintball is a game of fun. What can be better than shooting your balls with paint and winning any event? But paintball is not a typical game, as it needs a lot of gear and accessories.

From guns to masks to hoppers, you should equip yourself with many gears to be involved in the tournament. So in this blog, we will closely examine the best equipment, the best paintball hoppers, and the top best models. 

Best Paintball Loaders Reviews

Virtue Spire IV Electronic Paintball LoadersVirtue Spire IV Electronic Paintball Loaders[su_button url="" target="blank" background="#ef692d" size="5" center="yes" icon="icon: amazon"]Check Price on Amazon[/su_button]
DYE LT Electronic Paintball LoaderDYE LT Electronic Paintball Loader[su_button url="" target="blank" background="#ef692d" size="5" center="yes" icon="icon: amazon"]Check Price on Amazon[/su_button]
Virtue Spire Electronic Paintball LoaderVirtue Spire Electronic Paintball Loader[su_button url="" target="blank" background="#ef692d" size="5" center="yes" icon="icon: amazon"]Check Price on Amazon[/su_button]
Virtue Spire IR2 electronic LoadersVirtue Spire IR2 Electronic Loaders[su_button url="" target="blank" background="#ef692d" size="5" center="yes" icon="icon: amazon"]Check Price on Amazon[/su_button]
HK Army TFX 3.0 Paintball loaderHK Army TFX 3.0 Paintball loader[su_button url="" target="blank" background="#ef692d" size="5" center="yes" icon="icon: amazon"]Check Price on Amazon[/su_button]
Empire Paintball Halo Too LoaderEmpire Paintball Halo Too Loader[su_button url="" target="blank" background="#ef692d" size="5" center="yes" icon="icon: amazon"]Check Price on Amazon[/su_button]

1: Virtue Spire IV Electronic Paintball Loaders/Hoppers

Virtue Spire IV Electronic Paintball Loaders
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Spire IV electronic hoppers come with all-in-one new protective feeding logic. In contrast to other hoppers of Spire IR, which need constant checkings and sensor readings on every shot. In this hopper, adding unnecessary spins during shooting and potentially showing slow results with slow firing rates from a sensor multifunction, the Spire IR comes with innovative new protective logic.

Moreover, in Spire IV, you can easily feed paintballs at an instant rate when you fire the first shot; continuously providing balls is possible automatically. It does not rely on continuous sensor readings until the hopper becomes full. This innovative and unique technology integrated into the CTRL loader functions with consistency and reliability in every paintball gun.

In addition, Spire comes with more consistent feeding options, is faster in speed, and is soft on brittle paint. Furthermore, it is more durable and reliable and comes with easy toolless assembly, reloading indicator with LEDs, and alarm. Virtue Spire is integrated with wireless programming; you can use it with Apple and Android, tools for less N charge installation, and a quick change speed feed adapter.



Easy to use and shot

Integrated with upgraded features

Optimized performance


Bad quality control

2: DYE LT Electronic Paintball Loader

DYE LT Electronic Paintball Loader
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DYE Electronic Hopper is one of the best and top-rated accessories for paintball guns. It is a dye precision tool with less maintenance, thus making the assembly easy, rapid, effortless, and highly intuitive. For proper care and cleaning, it comes with a simple slide of the locking tab, and the push button allows the breakdown of LTR. This upgraded feature produces rapid, smooth, consistent, and dependable feed performance.

Moreover, the innovative hopper has a constant feed rate feature that ensures a feeding rate of more than 30 balls per second. That can be increased if it is done by pro-level players and needs particular requirements. A rapid feed rate is possible due to the LTR loader constant and the opposing rotation of the center rotor system.

In out-of-round paintballs and oversized balls, a simple squeeze of the Sharkfin trigger can be used that is located under LT release that can release immediately. The hopper is featured with the optional DYE quick feed, due to which reloading is easy and quick. LTR in the hopper comes with a locking lid, integrated with a dual-density carrier interchangeable, which is used for safe closing and fast loading.


Rotor force-fed technology


Adjustable torque feature

Tool-less assembly

Adjustable feed tension



3: Virtue Spire Electronic Paintball Loader /Hopper

Virtue Spire Electronic Paintball Loader
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Virtue Spire is the best loader that has been made to date due to many reasons. The loader is built with an established design that makes it a trustworthy paintball loader and comes with proven results in the field. There are many causes why the paintball gun with this hopper has won many tournaments compared to any other model introduced till now. As the hopper is featured with intelligent, protective feeding, it is more reliable than Spire 200/260.

Furthermore, a hopper is packed with similar features to the original spire IR2 because it is lighter, easy to use, built to win, never jams, and is more performed in paintball fields. The quality is very close to high-performance loaders with low cost at a reasonable price. IR2 hopper has a combination of 3-IR sensors protected with polycarbonate at the back, which permits the Spire IR2 to feed correctly.

The spire drive system in the hopper lets the Spire IR feed fast and can feed even worse paintballs more consistently without being jammed. As this best hopper comes with improved sensors, it can remove unnecessary pulsing in the device and create an efficient loading system easily and quickly. Due to the durability of the hopper, it has a nylon back shell that offers peace of mind to a player.


Efficient loading

Durable material

Sag proof reliability

Better performance

Easy to use


Without spring ramp

4: Virtue Spire IR2 electronic Loaders/Hoppers

Virtue Spire IR2 electronic Loaders
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Virtue Spire IR2 has advanced and innovative features that make it different and reliable in a competitive market. With the Spire IR2, the company has made the best loader and other types of paintball accessories in its class. It is built to give proven results with an established design and make it trustworthy in competitive paint loaders. There is a valid reason for its inception: it has won many professional events compared to any other loader in the paintball game.

Moreover, due to having intelligent, protective feeding, it has been a more reliable loader than Spire 200/260 without ever being pulsed. It has approximately the same features as a great and original spire loader. This innovative and advanced hopper is light, small in size, easy to use, never wins jams, and offers more reliable results.

Furthermore, the spire loader comes with nearly half the cost of all competing hoppers because it is the best in performance at a very reasonable rate. Hopper is best in its features combined with 3-IR sensors situated behind polycarbonate that permit the Spire for protective feeding compared to reactive traditional IR sensors in other models. This feature ensures a constant throwing of paintballs with a relative speed that never fails you in the middle of the game, field, shine, or rain. 


Reliable shooting

Fast speed

Optimized performance




Without spring ramp

Some issues with constant spinning

5: HK Army TFX 3.0 Paintball loader

HK Army TFX 3.0 Paintball loader
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HK Army is a well-known industry leader in making top-rated high-quality paintball accessories, gear, and lifestyle apparel. The company provides a comprehensive line of paintball-related equipment, from casual attire to performance-based hard items. However, the brand launched in 2007 and recognized itself as a leader in paintball accessories with the distribution of products in more than 6o countries world.

Moreover, a hopper is featured with revamped TFX 3, showing remarkable performance and quality materials. It uses upgraded soft-touch paddles that enhance the consistent feeding rate and are paired with the innovative laser break beam eye sensor. So TFX is a better performer and more reliable than its competitors. It comes with a well-rounded loader and lithium-ion battery in the market.

With the perfect style and function, TFX can simultaneously accommodate more than 230 points with the expansion of shells. The hopper comes with a zero gravity lift tray as an integrated tray enhances the volume capacity without compromising the loader shell’s size. The spring-activated lift in the hopper is designed to guide and elevate the paintball toward the direction of the feed system; thus, the ball can never be left behind.


Easy to handle

Anti-jam feeding

Updated programming

Expansion ring attachment


Without Epic speed feed

6. Empire Paintball Halo Too Loader

Empire Paintball Halo Too Loader
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The Empire paintball Halo paintball hopper is one of the top-rated and best accessories in the market of paintball accessories. Besides, the outstanding performance of this hopper comes with a cost of less than half compared to some competitive gears. That is the reason that makes them different from other models and quickly opted for by most players. Hopper is featured with ultra quiet belt drive, in which 20 balls per second can be shooted and can throw many balls to the opponent player.

Despite the above, this best innovative hopper comes with a free-way anti-jam feature, which prevents the hopper from breaking the ball and jamming. This way, you can continuously shoot balls while other players are busy scraping paint. In addition, the innovative ad black matte polycarbonate shell can handle any hit and can easily carry more than 50 balls.

Furthermore, the Empire Paintball Hopper features an onboard computer screen to direct a sound-activated feeding system and permits you to check motor speed, feed stack checking, and microphone sensitivity.

But due to the term halo in it, you will get the complete paintball leader technology. Due to features like sound activation, low battery activator, 180 ball capacity, 1-hour auto shut off anti-jam for continuous feeding, and customizable with a matte black finish, this is one of the best hoppers.


Continuous feeding


Low battery activator

Sound activation

Auto shut off


Programming is not good

Manual is useless

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How to Choose the Best Paintball Hoppers

Like what has been discussed, paintballs and hoppers are not built according to features and are created equally. This means that you should do comprehensive research in terms of comparison based on the following factors and characteristics to enhance your choices of making sounds in a pint ball game.

So let’s look at features to look for in paintball hoppers.


The weight of the hopper plays a vital role in shooting paintballs and making your decision. So it is better to go for lightweight hoppers to get optimal results. It is also a fact that older hoppers tend to weigh you down. Therefore, you should remember that more compactly designed; advanced hoppers are best for paintball guns.

Size And Capacity

Make sure the paintball hoppers are the right size for your paintball guns that you can easily handle. There is no need to buy hoppers of enormous size. A practical and good hopper can hold 50 balls at minimum. At the same time, the best hopper can deal with more than 100 balls.

Compatibility With Your Paintball Marker

You also have to monitor that your opted hopper should be compatible enough with your paintball marker; the latest features are constructed so innovatively that they can handle most guns and markers. However, it would help if you expected these hoppers to be compatible with your weapon.

Level Of Competition

Another important aspect while buying hoppers for your paintball gun is the level of competition you are a part of. If you are an occasional player, you should invest the hopper for beginners, which is not only simple to use but also reliable.

However, if you play on a routine basis, opting for a mid-level version of Hoppers is better.

Firing Rate

It is also recommended that you figure out the faster hopper available in the market. It would help if you needed a hopper with matching features to your trigger finger. In this case, the accurate hopper falls between the mid and high-end range. The hoppers of beginner level are the right option for you if you are still in the field and slowly shooting your opponents.


Opt for a hopper for your paintball marker matched with your gun, if possible. This is true for those who want to have hopper and gun matched with each other perfectly. Paintball hoppers are available in many colors, so it is not difficult to find the one that is ideal for your marker.


Durability is the top consideration you should look for in the hopper of your paintball marker. Most hoppers are made with plastic material that is different from one another, as plastic-constructed hoppers are not so durable and weak.

So it is better to opt for that model with less risk of breaking and cracking. So it should hold the fastest hit and abuse in your paintball marker.

If you buy an electronic loader or hopper, it should hold a proprietary system that can feed the paint into the feedback and paint into the marker.

Gravity Reliant

It would help if you also searched for the hoppers that rely on more gravity. At the same time, others come with force in the paint through a rotary motion as well as down the neck.

So make sure that the gun’s internal components withstand drops and shots. Similarly outer part of the hopper should be capable of protecting the inner members of the marker.

No Loading Jams

If you are fighting against head to head with your enemies and get involved in close-quartered combat, it will be a disaster if your gun fails in the middle of the game. So a jammed gun will be responsible for this failure, so you should avoid loaded jams in your guns. If you own the best and safest hopper in your weapon, it will come with anti-jam credentials and stop the hopper from getting jammed.

However, a wide range of hoppers comes with anti-jammed features, as this is the most common element found in paintball loaders and can be found easily in affordable loaders.

Quality Mechanisms

The mechanism that comes with the driving force does not work differently and does not have different designs; the motor and drive shafts in the hoppers are other in various models of hoppers.

If the mechanism of the hopper is not suitable, there can be variations, but the direction of the hopper can go in different ways. So if you are playing in a backward and forward movement, you should look for the internal mechanism of the hopper.

High-Capacity And Low-Capacity Hoppers

Opting for high-pre-capacity paintball hoppers will be a better option. Regular models of hoppers can handle 20 paintballs as a standard. But for a professional-level player, the hoppers come with boosted feed and can take more than 200 paintballs.

While the hoppers that have low capacity are ideal and delicate, they would be the right choice for beginners; the proficient player would like to opt for high-capacity hoppers because they are used to them. The higher-capacity hoppers can shoot the balls at a higher speed and keep attacking enemies.

Quick Refills

The feature you might ignore in the paintball hoppers is a quick feeding system. You should check for these features and inspect these components in the rim of the feed, as it will permit you to load the runs evenly. Speed feed is for the fast loading in your hopper of paintball.  

What is the best hopper in paintball?

The best paintballs include:

  • 1. Virtue Spire paintball hopper
  • 2. DYE LTR paintball hopper
  • 3. Empire Prophecy paintball hopper
What is the best loader paintball?
  • DYE electric paintball loader
  • Empire 200 round loader regular
  • Virtue Spire IR2 electronic paintball loader
What is the best paintball gun for a beginner?

The top picks in paintball guns for beginners include:

  • Tippman Alpha Black Elite
  • Planet Eclipse Emek
  • Virtue Spire IR2 electronic Loaders
How many paintballs fit in a hopper?

Most hoppers in paintballs can hold about 200 paintballs, and most modern versions of markers can empty a full hopper in only 10 seconds of sustained fire.

Final Thoughts About Paintball Hoppers

That’s all about the best paintball hoppers under budget, but I think the Virtue Spire Electronic paintball hopper is the best. It is undoubtedly an outstanding choice for beginners and professional players because it also has an incredible setup. While we believe that price cannot be everyone’s cup of tea, there is no denying that it is the best paintball loader the market has introduced.

Ella Elizbith

Howdy! I’m Ella and this is where I can nerd out about paintball. After being in the sport since 2003, I have learned quite a few tricks and skills. Usually, I hit the field with my pump markers but am no stranger to using magfed, mech, and electro setups as well. On this blog, I will share what I have learned over the years and anything new I run across in the future.

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