Best Paintball Guns Under 500 In 2023 – Top Picks & Reviews

Best Paintball gun under 500

Don’t look further and get your favorite design and best paintball guns under $500 with the latest features. The shooting criteria of our selective guns are comparatively much more accurate than the usual guns with precise measurements.

I am sure you will get the best gun that you are looking for. Because after 200+ research hours for the best paintball guns under 500$ we have come up with the best features gun. These guns will help you to complete your mission by replacing the barrel and size.

However, the trigger operating feature will also let you have complete control over the gun with single or double trigger options. Along with that, I am sure that the gas compatibility of these guns will never get a leakage problem as common guns do. So check out the best guns under 500$ here:

Top Rated Best Paintball Guns Under 500 Reviews

What’s the difference between paintball guns and airsoft guns? How do they compare in terms of power and accuracy? Well, I was also confused with these questions but now after using the paintball guns since 2009, now al the questions have been cleared in my mind.

45+ Experienced Paintballers

20 Products Considered

6 Paintball Guns Selected

As a result of this, we have found the following best paintball guns for under 500 dollars.

Best Paintball Guns Under 500 Reviews

1 – Action Village Kingman Spyder Epic Paintball Gun

Action Village Kingman Spyder Epic Paintball Gun

All-time best paintball guns under 500 with exciting and supreme class appealing features. Action Village Kingman Spyder Epic Paintball Gun is my favorite one because it has the pressure-controlling poppet engine working on smoothening the fires with developing accuracy on the top of the list. In addition, this gun gets a stronghold over the match because it has a wrapped grip that will give you resilient handling. 

Therefore, your game will be enhanced more professionally by playing with this paintball gun!

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Laser beam:

A laser beam is coming out from this paintball gun that is non-choppy. This anti-chop laser beam goes toward the target as you aim the gun on it. Nothing can barrel this laser beam from getting the location of the target so that it can hit the fire exactly with a hundred percent accuracy.

Protective wrap on the grip:

A security layer for protection of the grip is wrapped all over it. This is the most durable wrapping that works for a lifetime with maintaining the durability of the grip. Moreover, it helps me to protect the grip from scratches, marks, dirt, and bad weather.

Firing modes:

Change the modes according to the given scenario for exact and stable firing. Likewise, even the moving target scenario changes the mode of firing for speedy fires. That is no more problem if your target is at a large distance, just change the mode to fast shooting and get the proper accurate results.

Pressure controller:

Control the pressure inside this paintball gun for accelerating and improvement in shooting. A poppet engine for pressure maintenance is fitted in this gun that is made with everlasting material.

What We Liked
  • It comes with a bunch of exciting firing modes
  • Stoutest handling grip
  • Anti-chop laser beam provides exact location 
  • ASA regulator with an on and off lever
  • It also features the stoutest handling grip
What We Don’t Liked
  • People with big hands can face difficulty in handling

Product Summary

[su_note]A wrapped paintball gun with the most durable specification adds an ASA regulator and a pressure-controlled poppet engine for all accurate fires. In addition, it comes with multiple firing moods that enable you to change according to the situation.[/su_note] [su_button url=”” target=”blank” background=”#ef692d” size=”10″ center=”yes” icon=”icon: amazon”]Check Price on Amazon[/su_button]

2 – Umarex T4E HDS Shotgun Paintball Gun

One of the top-notch paintball guns, Umarex T4E HDS comes with the most reliable operating system which is the best for shooting range. On the external body of this gun, a velocity changer is fitted that promotes desired shooting. I have been relaxed with this gun because it is effortless carrying, the grip comes with a wrap that is made toolless for removing convenience.

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Velocity adjustment:

Now shoot the paintball according to your requirement because this gun is giving you a velocity adjuster. Change the velocity according to the distance and position of the target. For distant targets, the precautions are to set the velocity to the maximum level for accurate fire without any chance of missing.

You can check in the below video;

The relaxing grip:

These best paintball guns under 500 have been brought to you with a wrapped grip that works for a lifetime. Also, this wrapping protects the grip from dirt and scratches, making it more durable. Also, it helps to give a most relaxed and hassle-free carrying opportunity to the players.

Hoseless air mechanism:

Get the smoothest shooting scenario with this hoseless air-flowing paintball gun. This system inside the gun develops a maintained mechanism of air that results in an improved shooting. Overall, It delivers all accurate and on-target fires with zero chances of distraction which makes my game more enjoyable to me.

Pressure system:

With the most improvised and resistant operating system of 135 psi, this paintball gun gives standard quality work. As a result, this gun with a controlling pressure system provides controlled, speedy, accurate, and stable fires. Furthermore, this is manufactured with premium-class material that lasts a long time.

What We Liked
  • The feed tube has an adjustable clamping level
  • Comes with a velocity adjuster
  • Rubber grip has a tool-less wrap for best handling 
  • For smoothness, it has a hoseless air system
  • The pressure operating system is 135 psi
What We Don’t Liked
  • Not a Pal enables compatible

Product Summary

[su_note]Overall, Planet Eclipse EMEK 100 Mechanical comes with a new hoseless airy system paintball gun is tending the fire toward the target with great control and accuracy. In addition, this paintball gun enables you to adjust the velocity according to the position and distance for the precise shots.[/su_note] [su_button url=”” target=”blank” background=”#ef692d” size=”10″ center=”yes” icon=”icon: amazon”]Check Price on Amazon[/su_button]

3 – Maddog Tippmann Cronus Tactical Titanium Paintball Gun

This out-and-out paintball gun is coming with less weight to make it all ages compatible. Maddog Tippmann Cronus Tactical Titanium Paintball Gun comes with a response trigger which is uniquely allowing A-5 for nonstop full-auto shooting without using batteries. Furthermore, the grip of this best paintball gun is the most satisfying thing which has an ergonomic design for the best shooting results.

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Best weight:

I liked this paintball marker because of its low budget with an exceptional weight that is giving extra prominence to all ages players. I bought this gun to be gifted to my nephew and he plays well with this gun. It is amazing with the lightweight handling. That’s why it is the best option gun to gift someone the youngest!

Fast shooting:

The fastest shooting paintball gun that has a smooth working durable cyclone system. It proffers you to shoot fifteen balls in a second, which is the fastest of all other ordinary guns. Moreover, if you are a fast shooting lover, then buy this gun that will not let your opponent run away.

An auto system without batteries:

No need to waste your money on battery compatible gun because this one with zero battery is the masterpiece for shooting. Additionally, this gun has a unique auto operating system that gives you the same shooting skills as in the manual.

Ergonomic grip:

The design of this gun is ergonomic style handles for the most reliable and firm grip on the gun for all ages players. This grip has a sticky nature that keeps the hand attached to it as long as the game is over.

What We Liked
  • A-5 can be stripped within a minute
  • The grip has an ergonomic shape for cozy handling
  • A full-auto gun gives better results without batteries 
  • With the least weight for kids carrying convenience
  • Shoot 15 balls in a second
What We Don’t Liked
  • Not an accurate shooting scenario

Product Summary

[su_note]Creat the enhanced fires with double speed because this gun is coming with cyclone and complete auto systems. Furthermore, it doesn’t need any battery for operating and comes with high operating pressure that double the fun.[/su_note] [su_button url=”” target=”blank” background=”#ef692d” size=”10″ center=”yes” icon=”icon: amazon”]Check Price on Amazon[/su_button]

4 – Maddog JT Stealth Semi-Automatic Paintball Gun

A complete paintball gaming package that is providing all durable and resilient accessories for long working. This gun is adding a double finger trigger for shooting that asks for less power for pushing. Additionally, now kids can enjoy the thrilling and strategic paintball matches because this gun has a compact size and feathery weight.

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Double finger trigger:

Get your desiring fires with using minimum power because this gun has a double-finger comfortable trigger. Fingers of all sizes can easily get a comfy approach to the triggers with a stout grip. Surprisingly, this trigger is made very smooth that can be pushed with the least power.

Small size:

These best paintball guns under 500 are now introducing the best performance in a small size. First of all, these guns with compact sizes are approachable for kids of young ages. On the other side, for storage convenience, these guns are on the top in the market.

Working of weight:

This Maddog gun is giving heavy-duty carrying suitability for small kids and new paintball players. As we know, small kids can not handle heavyweight guns, and they may lose their gaming strategies. In addition, to reduce this probability, the gun has given a light and versatile weight that kids can easily carry.


The front foregrip has a vertical shape that makes handling and carrying stronger. While running or in a rush gaming scenario, keep your hands on this foregrip that will help to give you the fires of your choice. 

What We Liked
  • Every playing accessory is included in the package
  • Double-finger trigger promotes fast shooting skill
  • Compatible with Co2 compressed air for airflow 
  • It comes with a clamping feedneck
  • Compact size for all ages suitability
What We Don’t Liked
  • The hose for the air tank doesn’t include

Product Summary

[su_note]A lightweight paintball gun that has a double-finger trigger, Co2 compatibility, clamping feedneck, and vertical foregrip features for stunning fires. Plus, the double firing trigger makes it a perfect gun.[/su_note] [su_button url=”” target=”blank” background=”#ef692d” size=”10″ center=”yes” icon=”icon: amazon”]Check Price on Amazon[/su_button]

5 – Wearable4U T4E .43 Cal Training Rifle Paintball Gun

A Wearable4U Umarex paintball gun comes with a compressed air compatible gun that is bringing hundred top-quality .43 caliber paintballs. It is giving eight fastest and smoothest fires in a single time because this magazine has eight balls capacity which attracts me to use this gun.

In addition, the maximum velocity of this gun is 340 fps which offers the paciest and most speedy fires that will perplex your opponent.

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Eights fires:

This best revolver under 500 has a magazine that can keep or load eight of .43 caliber paintballs at one time. However, this paintball gun magazine is developed with a stuck-free feature that helps to deliver all fire without a pause.

Other balls’ suitability:

Not only paintballs but also others like rubber and powder balls are working with this gun. Do not worry about the quality and performance of other balls because this gun gives the same result of fires as in the paintball fires. Furthermore, all fires come with escalated speed and accuracy to provide you with a thrilling paintball match.

Included balls:

There are hundred top-selling .43 caliber paintballs packaged with this paintball gun. The size of these balls is small, but they give more paint after exploding to target the victory with simplicity.


Get the most speedy and pacy fires with outermost accuracy with this velocity-changing paintball gun. Now you can set the velocity to the maximum of 340 fps for improved speed shooting. Additionally, the fires delivered by this gun are definitely going to catch your opponent hitting on the spot.

What We Liked
  • Economical Co2 gives extra power in shooting
  • The magazine has eight fires capacity
  • One extra magazine is given with the gun 
  • Hundred of .43 caliber paintballs are also added
What We Don’t Liked
  • Poor customer service

Product Summary

[su_note]You can get a hundred paintballs with an extra magazine that can go up to 340 fps velocity with this fast-working paintball gun. Thanks to the manufacturers of this product who allows smooth and quick 8 fires at one time.[/su_note] [su_button url=”” target=”blank” background=”#ef692d” size=”10″ center=”yes” icon=”icon: amazon”]Check Price on Amazon[/su_button]

6 – Tippmann TMT TMC Elite .68 Caliber Magfed Marker

Tippmann TMT TMC Magfed Marker offers all the playing accessories of paintball with this versatile gun that is including everything in it, unlike other guns. The enlarger thumb groove and the contoured lid are giving extra benefits helping you to escalate your gaming strategies. On the other hand, the rubber construction of the warrior squeegee is making it a long-lasting performer.

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Co2 bottle manufacturing:

As this gun is compatible with Co2 compressed air that is why a bottle of Co2 is offered in the package. However, the Tippmann TMC bottle has a durable aluminum material formation. Get this in working without worrying about its quality and performance. Further, it will remain with you as long as the gun. The lifespan of CO2 is about 10 years.

Warrior squeegee:

All playing equipment is added with this paintball gun, where warrior squeegees of rubber material are on top. Wear this warrior squeegee to protect yourself from heavy and fast fires.

X-ray mask:

This empire X-mask is a fit choice for adult paintball players and even for kids of young ages. Additionally, it comes with an anti-fog lens that protects from fog, water, dust, and many more harmful things.

Two different colors:

You can choose the color of your own choice because this gun is offering two different color variants of black and tan. Both colors have a durable and everlasting finishing that remains on the gun for a lifetime.

Shooting capacity:

With a Co2 filled the tank, you can fire 800 to 100 fires with great accelerating speed.

What We Liked
  • Carry a large amount of paintball with this gun
  • Co2 bottle is made with the top-notch aluminum
  • One extra magazine is given with the gun 
  • A complete range of paintball gaming is included
  • Warrior squeegee formation with firm rubber
  • X-ray comes with an anti-fog lens
What We Don’t Liked
  • The gun design is awkward

Product Summary

[su_note]A paintball gun comes with all playing necessaries that are constructed durably to an extreme level coming at an affordable price. In addition, X-ray comes with an anti-fog lens which makes it a unique paintball gun, among others.[/su_note] [su_button url=”” target=”blank” background=”#ef692d” size=”10″ center=”yes” icon=”icon: amazon”]Check Price on Amazon[/su_button]

How to Choose the Best Paintball Gun under 500 – FAQ’s

What is the best paintball gun under 500?

The top best paintball guns under 500 are;

1.     Empire Paintball Mini GS Paintball Gun
2.     Planet Eclipse EMEK 100 Mechanical Paintball Marker
3.     Tippmann A-5 with Response Trigger .68 Caliber Paintball Marker

Are these guns suitable for all ages of players?

Yes, in some of these main and top-notch paintball guns, the weight and size are compact for all ages compatibility. These lightweight and small-sized guns are easily approachable for small ages kids who can not handle heavyweight guns.

What is the velocity or speed working in these paintball guns?

These best paintball guns for 500 dollars are coming with great velocities for grooming your fires. In some of these guns, the velocity or speed is completely changeable according to the choice of the player. Additionally, the change in velocity doesn’t affect the quality and performance.

Are all of these guns has the lightest weight?

Overall, in all of these guns, the weight is pretty exceptional and is suitable for kids. Not only this but also for the convenience of transportation, these guns are the best choice. In addition, these guns help the kids and old players to have an effortless carry. 

Are these guns compatible with CO2-compressed air?

Yes, almost all of these paintball guns are offering you to use Co2 compressed air for betterment in your fires. This Co2 provides a helping hand in the airflow of these guns. This better airflow keeps these guns smooth to give satisfying fires all on the target with great accuracy.

What paintball guns do professionals use?

Professional use Planet Eclipse EMEK 100 Mechanical Paintball Marker. It has a hoseless air system that offers a smooth and consistent game. Overall, it gives you the best experience.


At last, we can conclude that these are the best paintball guns under 500, having advanced functionality and included features as well. I am hoping that if you choose the gun from the above-recommended products you will never be disappointed, like other guns.

So, choose the best gun under 500 and play the game like a professional!

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