Best Paintball Gun Under $400

Best Paintball Gun Under 400

Want to take your skills to a higher level with our top selected and best paintball gun under 400? Then check out this all-time renowned list of paintball guns dealing with the upper-class features adding every professional requirement. Developing accuracy, speed, stability, and control are the basic tasks of these guns.

From my beginner to the level professional choosing the guns under budget was my hardest time. Because most of the manufacturers offer low-quality products. But now, congratulations to you, because we are here with the best paintball guns under 400 that offer the best functions and shooting range. Therefore, you can choose the best guns as I have to make a list for you by using some of the paintball guns.

While choosing the guns, I have noticed Azodin KAOS Pump Paintball Marker is one of the best in overall the paintball guns under 400$. These features and performance are outstanding that allow you to shoot constantly. So whether you are a beginner or professional player this would be the best option for you.

Check out more top listed paintball guns under 400$ below;

Top 6 Best Paintball Guns Under $400 Reviews in 2022

1# Azodin KAOS Pump Paintball Marker Review

Azodin KAOS Pump Paintball Marker


You can improve your paintball gaming with this top gun leading paintball gun that has a professional style best-operating system of 230 PSI. This gun is bringing the most resilient casing to keep it secure to the end level for protection. Moreover, this gun has the outclass handling specification because a single frame pushes the trigger.

Clamping feedneck:

Protection of the paintballs inside the gun is the most asked question by the customers. And because some of the guns can not keep the balls inside them. Further, the company has designed this gun with a clamping feedneck that stores all the balls to the end level for this difficulty. 

Single Style Trigger:

The foremost and premium quality trigger is fitted in this paintball gun, and this is the feature that helps you to make your game like a pro. It has a single-style trigger that requires fewer power for pushing, making it a great choice for small kids. Additionally, this smoothness adds strategies to the players, helping them perform the best professional show.

Protective showcase:

A compact but widely designed showcase of this gun package is changing the difficulty of handling into comfort. Different storage areas are sectioned in the front of its opening. Further, it offers a storage box that gives all products in your hands for a relaxed traveling opportunity from carrying everything differently.

Increase your game:

Get this gun for your kids and family to provide them a platform for both entertainment and boosting their skills. It creates all speedy, pacy, accurate, stable, and controlled shots in a single time.

What I Liked

  • Clamping feedneck for secure gaming
  • Single trigger frame for every player
  • A showcase for keeping the gun Improve all gaming skills
  • A 230 PSI best operating system

What I Don't Liked

  • Accuracy problem in shooting

A showcased paintball gun that is developing the durability to the level of perfection coming together with compatibility of all ages players. Further, it comes with storage for easy and safe storage to make it more durable.

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2# US Army Alpha Elite Paintball Marker Review

US Army Alpha Elite Paintball Marker


A long-lasting and stoutest gun constructed with the supreme-class aluminum material with professional style finishing. It is suiting compatibility of the largest sized paintball of .68 caliber. On the other side, this gun promotes feeding with the quickest system that is making your game effortless and hassle-free.

Aluminum body:

Reliable and durable paintball gaming is the choice of every player for a long time. Moreover, playing rough and tough strikes doesn’t change the quality and performance. That is why this gun has given an aluminum structural body that is made from the finest material in the world.

Cyclone feeding function:

For consistent and fast shooting scenarios, this gun is the topmost choice for you that will build your game to perfection. This gun is adding up a cyclone feeding system for the paintballs, which is the fastest in the world delivering balls to the gun in seconds.

Full-size balls:

The main versatility and prominence of this best paintball gun under 400 is the affinity of full-size .68 caliber paintballs in it. Taking about the storage area, these are the smooth workers that deliver each and every ball without any stop. The full-size balls come with extra paint and make the gameplay more exciting.

Carrier of the gun:

To perform accurate and desired fires, all a player need is a comfortable handle of the gun. So, this gun is dealing with the best handle on the market. This handle keeps your handstick with it unless the match is over. Surpsirsgly, it is removable for traveling convenience, making it compact and well-sized.

What i Liked

  • Collapsible stock gives six positions
  • Aluminum made high-class body
  • Suitable with .68 caliber paintballs
  • M4 style removable carrying handle

What i Don't Liked

  • Dull color

A .68 caliber paintball gun attracts me that collapses with the best collapsible stock making your game great. Also, it has six different positions to be adjusted for your choice and desire. Therefore you can adjust it in different styles to play as you want. Additionally, the multiple firing modes made the game more interesting and doubled the excitement level.

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3# Action Village Kingman Spyder Gun Review

Action Village Kingman Spyder Gun
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Now have a coziest and the most comfortable match of the paintball gun in only under 400 that is featuring the lightest weight with high performance. Actually, did you know? its performance attracts me to recommend this gun for your game. However, the best and most reliable semi-auto functioning adds accuracy in the fires. Also,, it is the best smooth-working paintball gun that is carrying your gaming strategies to an end level.


In some of the conditions, the manual operating system doesn’t work properly and creates errored fires. To deal with this major problem, this gun is revealing the best semi-auto shooting operating mechanism. This semi-auto works better for long-distant and mast-moving targets.

Lightweight Paintball Gun:

Making this gun a choice for all ages of paintball players, the manufacturers have to build it with a feathery weight. In addition to this, handling kids and newbies is not a problem now because this is the lightest paintball gaming platform. Most importantly, transportation and traveling have become simple with this gun because it asks zero hassles.

Security squeegee:

The fastest and pacy fires from the opponent’s side may harm your body in case of any collision. That is the reason why the company is adding a warrior squeegee in the package that is easy to wear and remove. It is uniquely made with the best of all products performing their duty in every scenario.

Easy Maintenance:

Another great feature that I liked the most in this paintball gun is its maintenance. You can maintain and clean this gun for the best results in more improvement in its quality. Where some of the guns have difficulty maintaining systems, asking for more effort, but, in this one, it takes five minutes for oiling and cleaning. Additionally, this feature enhances the quality by adding extra smoothness in the deliveries of fires.

What I Liked

  • A warrior paintball squeegee is added
  • Semi-auto offers the best operating system
  • It provides simple maintenance
  • Lightweight and compact-size gun

What I Don't Liked

  • Hopper mounting is lose

One of the ultimate lightweight paintball guns that are perfect for beginners who are not capable to handle heavy guns. It is designed with the best material, including every gaming accessory for a complete match. Further, it is the best lightweight paintball gun with all the standard features.

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4# Tippmann TMC MAGFED Paintball Marker Review

Tippmann TMC MAGFED Paintball Marker

An ultimate Tippmann TMC paintball gun offers a warranty of one year with gives the best in all shows. This is providing compatibility of the full-size paintball of .68 caliber balls to add more paints to the game. On the other side, two different feeding or storage ways are very spacious and wide.

Double feeding options:

This gun brings reliable working storage areas to convey a long-lasting and smoothing game of paintball. Hoppers and Magfed are both made smoothly that give the ball to the gun without any pause. It means that you can play smoothly with this paintball gun without any interaction. On the other side, you can add more and more paintballs with this wide storage for a match that goes for hours.

I have shared the Tippmann TMC Paintball Gun unboxing video below;

Consistent shots:

This gun is providing twenty of the most enhanced and accelerated fires in a single time with extraordinary accuracy. It means that the magazine can load up to twenty paintballs in it at one time. All these paintballs come from the gun without dealing with any error.

Warrantied Gun:

For the best customer service, the manufacturers are bringing this gun with a warranty of one year. In case of any damage and less quality, you can call customer service to get the exchanged one within a year. Also, get your cash back with the facility of this one-year warranty.

Adjustable sights:

This is the greatest feature of this gun that offers to change the eyesight lens of the gun to get the exact location of your target. This site adjustment makes your shots more controlled, managed, accurate, and stable, with zero chances of missing.

What I Liked

  • This gun offers a one-year warranty
  • It gives 20 rounds in a single time
  • Compatible with .68 caliber ball
  • Hopper and Megfed feeding options

What I Don't Liked

  • Less stable than other

The most durable and best paintball gun under 400 provides double-style feeding options for an everlasting accurate and well-developed match. Furthermore, the company offers a 1-year pf warranty for the players’ peace of mind.

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5# Tippmann A-5 Paintball Gun Review

Tippmann A-5 Paintball Gun

Tippmann is one of the most popular guns in the market that is renowned for its compatibility with all age players. A gun that is coming with a stout and firm handling grip is known as the ergonomic grip that promotes a stronghold on the game. I chose this gun because of its ergonomic grip and compatibility for all ages of players. However, I can give this gun to my teammates for playing with this paintball gun. Therefore, if you are a team player, you can use the Tippmann A-5 Paintball gun!

Ergonomic Grip:

This gun is known in the market for its compatibility with all-ages players featuring extra facilities. Its compatibility is because of the ergonomic style grip of the gun that proffers the coziest handling opportunity. Furthermore, hands of all sizes can carry this gun without any hassle!

Compact weight:

This is a great chance for kids to get a hold of paintball exciting and thrilling matches just because of this versatile gun. After the ergonomic handle grip, the lightweight formation is the biggest reason why this gun is approachable for kids. Not only this but also this lightweight gun is the best partner in transporting scenarios.

Removing push pins:

Removing push pins sometimes in some criteria is the most important thing that many guns are not compatible with. In this masterpiece, the removal of push pins is one of the simplest methods.

Cyclone system for feeding:

This paintball gun fires fifteen balls in a second because of the fastest and quickest feeding system of the cyclone. This works with the smoothest function and eats the balls without any stuck. All in all, this gun performs accurate and speedy fires even with the cyclone system.

What I liked

  • Field stripping under one minute
  • Ergonomic handling and carrying grip
  • Fastest cyclone feeding mechanism
  • Lightest weight for all ages player

What I Don't Liked

  • A little complicated for kids

I noticed that this Paintball gun includes a soft ergonomic grip to provide a comfy feel while handling, making it further easy with the feathery weight manufacturing.

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6# Valken M17 Magfed Paintball Gun Review

Valken M17 Magfed Paintball Gun


This Valken paintball gun manufacturers offer both style functioning of semi-auto and complete auto for improving the playing strategies. Therefore you can improve your paintball game with this gun for under 400$. In addition, with these operating and managing systems, the delivered fires get extra pace together with double accuracy. All in all, this gun comes with a covering shroud to keep it durable for a lifetime.

Easy handling:

Handling this paintball gun is not a problem for adults and even for players of early ages. This is because of the lightweight construction of this durable and resilient gun. In addition to this, this gun is a great choice in all ordinary paintball shooting machines for transportation and travel.  

Shroud for security:

Different from all other paintball guns, this is coming with a shroud for the security and saving of it. This shroud is designed with world-class material making the best protective criteria. It protects the gun from bad weather, dust particles, and water particles, keeping it durable for a lifetime.

Different operating mechanisms:

Different functioning systems are coming with this gun, where on the top of the list are semi and full auto. In the case of long-distance shooting, the semi-auto function works with more accuracy. On the other side, the complete auto system is a suitable choice for newbies.

FSR ball’s suitability:

This gun is the compatibility with both FSR and .68 caliber paintballs that is making it a versatile, eye-catching gun in all. These are the full-sized paintballs delivered without any stuck and pause. In conclusion, this best paintball gun under 400 conveys all-sized balls with double accuracy and pace, making you a pro player.

What i Liked

  • FSR balls are also compatible
  • Semi and auto reliable functioning
  • It gives extraordinary pace and velocity
  • Strip takedown with just two pins

What i Don't Liked

  • Perplexing for kids

Overall, a gun that is featuring a security shroud makes you a professional player with improvising velocity and accuracy shots creating skills. Every paintball player can choose this paintball gun under 400 to make their skills smoothly. Furthermore, the multiple operating systems double the fun.

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What to Look for When Buying the Best Paintball Gun Under 400$

Do you want to get the Best Paintball gun for 400$? This buyer guide will help you to choose your favorite paintball at a reasonable price tag. Basically, There are four types of paintball names Mechanical, Electronic, Pump, and Mag-Fed.

Mechanical Paintball Gun

The paintball field is well dominated by most mechanical paintball guns. From the past to the current era, players loved to play with mechanical paintball guns, especially with Tippman A5, Tippman Custom 98, and Tippman TMC. However, the Tippman A5 and Tippman 98 are the most loved paintballs by paintball players. Both these guns are perfect in terms of Speed, Accuracy, Firing, and price.

Moreover, there are some more mechanical paintballs such as EMEK100 Paintball, Tippman Stormer paintball, and Tippman Cronus Paintball.

Electronic Paintball Gun

The electronic paintball guns are almost the same as mechanical paintball guns, but the only difference they have is that electronic paintball has an electric circuit powered by batteries, due to which the firing of the gun becomes more efficient. Initially, there was only one type of paintball that was a semi-automatic paintball gun. After a few times, a new breed of paintball was launched and dominated by paintballers The best electronic paintball will help you to enhance your gameplay with its amazing features.

Pump Paintball Gun

As is clear by name. You will need a pump to play paintball. Pump Paintball guns are those that required a pump to play. Pump Paintballs have a constant source of air such as regular paintball tanks. You do not have to pump air into the gun as air will constantly flow into the value at all times.

The only work you have to do is to manipulate the pump handle and load another paintball. It means a pump paintball gun will shoot at the sale velocity same as other guns but it can not be pumped up to shoot faster.

MagFed Paintball Gun

Magfed paintball is the latest version of the paintball gun which is an amazing feature of using magazines instead of the loader. In this game, players use magazines instead of loaders. The advantage of using magazines is that it allows you to play more realistic gameplay and gives a feeling of actual fighting with superb recoil.

Due to its more realistic playing style, magfed paintball is quickly becoming the most famous paintball in an online community of games, and players from all over the world are loving this gun.

Paintball Gun Under $400 Conclusion

In the end, talking about the working and performance in paintballing, we have to say that these are versatile and multipurpose paintball guns. Surprisingly, on the top, these are approachable for players of every age without requiring any hassle. Also, this compatibility becomes further easy with the unique addition of lightweight.

In addition, elaborating on the features, let’s discuss the feeding systems of these paintball guns which are the strongest of ordinary guns. These guns are including hooper, Megfed, and cyclone feeding systems that all work with enhanced performance. Also, some of these guns are featuring the best addition of .68 caliber paintballs.

In the end, these paintball guns will help you to stabilize your shooting gun stability with extra speed and accuracy.

Frequently Asked Questions of the Paintball Gun under $400

What is the best paintball gun under 400?

In our list, all the guns are reliable and give an effective performance. The top and the best 3 are:
1.     Azodin KP3.5 KAOS Pump Paintball Marker
2.     US Army Alpha Elite Paintball Marker
3.     Action Village Kingman Spyder Epic Paintball Gun Package Kit

Do these paintball performs shooting with .68 caliber balls?

Yes, almost all of these paintball guns are compatible with the full-size paintballs of .68 caliber. The main benefit is that the processing area of these guns is very wide and spacious that delivering the balls with zero chances of stuck. 

What type of feeding system do these guns allow?

Different operating systems for the feeding methods are provided in these top-selected paintball guns. Some are adding hooper and Megfed feeding system for more involvement of balls to have a long-term match. On the other side, some of the guns are bringing the cyclone feeding mechanism that promotes a fast shooting scenario.

Do weight and size varies with these paintball gun?

Yes, size and weight are a bit changing in all of these paintball guns because of the manufacturing material quality. Getting to the main point, we have to say that the weight and size of the guns are providing exceptional. 

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