7 Best Paintball Guns Under $150 [ Buying Guide & Reviews ]

Best Paintball Gun Under 150

We have come up with the best paintball gun under budget for those who can’t buy the expensive paintball guns, but want the branded and quality gun. This article makes your experience greater in paintballing with the best paintball gun under 150, 100, and 50.

Luckily, now, you can choose the best option for you at very reasonable prices. But, which one is the best gun under 150$? In my personal opinion, Umarex T4E HDS Shotgun Pistol Paintball is one of the best guns because of its shooting range, sublime power, and versatile barrel.

But, if you have tried it before and want to choose the other best budget paintball gun let’s find out in our below section. We have discussed the features, pros, cons, and quality of each paintball gun that we have tried in paintballing!

Best Paintball Gun Under $150 Reviews 2023

1- Umarex T4E HDS Shotgun .68 Caliber Pistol Paintball 

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Exalt your paintball shooting pleasure with this one of the best Paintball guns under $150 that CO2 powers. This paintball gun makes up for a great shooting companion with an easy piercing C02 chamber for incredibly easy installation.

Shoot your way:

This paintball gun lets you shoot with 0.68 caliber paintballs or even with rubber balls. A ball’s selection varies from player to player, and this paintball gun offers that flexibility. Therefore, this gives players an incredible opportunity to get diverse with the ball selection.

Besides, this gun offers a really economical CO2 power source, offering you the best power possible on a paintball gun.

Sublime power:

Your favorite shooting gun features great power and strength with double-barreled home defense functionality. It’s easy to start making it a very versatile gun that can be operated at any time and any place.

Adding more, this paintball gun features a light blow on its bottom, incorporating a grip. This grip sums up with its powerful flow of shots giving you a sublime shooting power overall. Additionally, all paintball lovers can now play with full confidence.

A decent weight:

A paintball gun with decent weight and exceptional handling is really important. This gun weighs 1700 grams giving it a decent weight overall.

Versatile barrel:

Its barrel makes your paintball gun extremely joyful. The HDS features a Picatinny rail under its barrel along with the pressure indicator. In addition, this barrel allows you to use the most common and popular shooting balls. You can shoot with rubber balls, pepper rounds, paintballs, and chalk balls.


  • It brings economic CO2 power functionality
  • Features an added mount for attaching laser and light
  • Decent weight and ergonomic handle
  • Double-barrel home defense Included


  • Gas Leakage Issue

Added mount:

Players can now add their favorite lasers and lights during their important paintball games. It comes with a Picatinny accessory mount that gives you an option to attach lasers and light, for example.

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2- Tippmann Cronus Tactical Marker


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The Tippmann Cronus brings the brilliance of the paintball game with this highly durable paintball gun with impressive durability. In addition, it comes with a fancy orange button on the barrel to give it a unique appearance. Adding more, this gun has a really high-performance effect for a sublime gaming experience.

Incredible durability:

This paintball gun incorporates very durable materials exalting its durability. High-quality built quality with added clever design makes it a highly resilient gun that you can carry with style. Furthermore, you will no longer face problems while putting this gun under harsh usage because of its sturdy composite body.

Wonderful grip:

Its grip gives you a performance top-up with a seamless handling experience. This paintball gun comes with a vertical grip that fits with the fingers and grip. As a result, your hands/grip blends into its vertical handle, giving you a top handling experience for a top-performance shot.

High performance:

The high-end barrel on this gun packs great performance functionality. Well, players always complain about the slow, sloppy shooting flaws in most paintball guns but not this time. This gun comes with a sublime barrel and power system.

Thus, players can get along with the game quickly and with full authority to dominate the opposition.

Professional feel:

Playing paintball games is more fun than you can imagine with this paintball gun. This gun is equipped with a 0.68 caliber mil-sim style marker on the paintball marker. It serves the players with a very professional-looking paintball gun that is admired by all.

Moreover, the players can get personal with this gun’s style choices because of its unique style and shape.


  • Highly durable composite body
  • It comes with a great handling
  • Play with full control
  • It comes at a moderate price


  • defective low velocity


The only thing I dislike while purchasing this gun is that the orange button shown on the barrel is just for an illustrative reason, so it’s not added to the package when you purchase.

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3 – JT SplatMaster z18 .50 Cal Paintball Marker


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This enhanced paintball gun for the kids comes with various features beating the most counterparts in this category. It has a maximum shooting range and power of 10ft with brilliant accuracy on top of everything. Furthermore, this gun seems to be a great fit for beginners looking to enjoy paintball.

Accuracy and limit:

Most paintball guns won’t offer accuracy and high-shooting range, but this gun tells a different story. Players will experience a high 100 feet shooting range. Additionally, this helps them find engage their target even from a fair distance.

Besides, the paintball gun comes with 50 feet accuracy. So players can get more accurate shots even when even the objects are at some distance.

Simple operation:

Your gun features a simple spring action firing functionality just like the conventional ones. But the best thing with this gun is that you won’t need batteries or CO2 to operate this gun. This gives you a gun that is ready to use out of the box.

Best for beginners:

The gun is regarded as one of the top picks for beginners, and that too for various reasons. First, the gun features many improvements in the design, making it low impact for most beginner-level players. Adding more, the gun has a super lightweight design, so the handling is super convenient.

Easy pump action functionality makes it a stellar low-impact performance champion in its league.


  • No CO2 cartridges to replace
  • It shoots pretty far , about 75 ft
  • Accurate and come with the hopper
  • Best for children age


  • It shoot paintball slowly

Decent weight:

It holds a very grip-friendly weight which is another good thing about this paintball gun. The gun works effortlessly with the efficient pump and doesn’t have a great spring shooting feature. In addition, most beginners would prefer its lightweight design so they can get started with the paintball game in a friendly way.

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4 – Spyder Victor Semi-Auto Paintball Marker

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Test your paintball skills with the Spyder paintball offering its excellence for over 30 years. This promising gun comes with a high-performing polymer clamping feed neck for an excellent experience. In addition, players can make adjustments to the velocity of the gun with convenience.

Highly adjustable:

The Spyder Victor offers you a great adjustable structure for keeping you up in the game. The velocity of this incredible marker can be adjusted easily from 280 feet per second to 350 feet per second. Further, this gives great control over your game so that you can shoot with a certain confidence.


The structure of the gun includes an Eko valve along with a high-impact polymer clamping feed neck. Adding more, there is a pull pin top cocking Delrin bolt with a 10 inches micro ported barrel. A two-finger double trigger is present, along with an external velocity adjustment feature.


Your favorite paintball gun offers you flexible compatibility with CO2 or even with compressed Air/HPA. Most paintball guns only have a CO2 option, but this gun gives you compressed Air/HPA compatibility too. So you can access whatever is convenient to you.


  • Hands down great gun to get into the sport
  • It shoots pretty far
  • Accurate and come with the hopper
  • Super Gun with Best Price


  • Not Suitable for Big Events

Quality excellence:

Spyder paintball has been providing quality high-quality paintball guns for over 30 years of prime history. Their products are extremely durable and provide excellent shooting capabilities overall. Additionally, Spyder paintballs is a big name in the paintball game, and their overall expertise could be found in this gun as well.

[su_button url=”https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B08YPBXY2J?ie=UTF8&linkCode=ll1&tag=paintballly-20&linkId=83c41b368c93dbf2a778549504cfaa16&language=en_US&ref_=as_li_ss_tl” target=”blank” background=”#ff5722″ size=”13″ center=”yes”]Check Price On Amazon[/su_button]

5- Tippmann Stormer Basic .68 Caliber Paintball Marker


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The advanced functioning  .68 caliber basic edition surely provides a versatile paintball gun scenario under your budget. Plus, the design is an in-line bolt with a firm gripping structure to maintain the handling. Even the bottom-mounted manufacturing is here for you to enhance usability.

Fluent design:

Here you are getting the in-line bolt design functionality that improves the overall working performance of the best paintball gun under $150. The proven structure lets you fluently handle the shots with proper consistency during the gaming zone. Additionally, it also makes the gun more reliable as compared with the usual ones.

Feed port:

Shot counting is much easier here when you have a front sight feed port with a fixed design to maintain the coverage. Even you get a rear sight as well as having fixed placement to make it more flexible for you while counting the shots.

Rubber grip:

Rubber grip possesses an over-molded design that gives you an extra covering and holding scenario. Alongside, the vertical foregrip is also removable with easy placement to manage without any hassle. The Picatinny rails having multiple placements keep the shooting section full of fun.


  • High-Performance Barrel
  • Adjustable from 250-325 FPS
  • High-Impact Composite Body
  • Offset Feedport


  • Not Suitable for all ages

Composite body:

The push-button safety has also been included here that keeps the gun secure. Moreover, the 9.75-inches barrel has an optimized working ability together with a single trigger structure. The internal gas line also has a stainless steel materialization to notice here.

[su_button url=”https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B08YPBXY2J?ie=UTF8&linkCode=ll1&tag=paintballly-20&linkId=83c41b368c93dbf2a778549504cfaa16&language=en_US&ref_=as_li_ss_tl” target=”blank” background=”#ff5722″ size=”13″ center=”yes”]Check Price On Amazon[/su_button]

6- Valken Blackhawk Paintball Gun


[su_button url=”https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B016OK8RKO?ie=UTF8&linkCode=ll1&tag=paintballly-20&linkId=a64edfdbb36ae30489a7566d20e1a061&language=en_US&ref_=as_li_ss_tl” background=”#ff5722″ size=”13″ center=”yes”]Check Price On Amazon[/su_button]

The Blackhawk design is easy to handle, and a fluent shooting scenario is attainable here. Besides, the firm exterior construction is also remarkable, together with polymer collaboration to sustain the working ability. The air-source adapter is also there for you.

Advanced shooting:

The feedback adapter, which is removable here, lets you easily manage the rail placements. You’ll get a MIL-STD-1913 rail of accessory for a fast performance during the shooting scenario. Additionally, properly compatible to use with CO2 with fluent working functionality.

Bottomline hose:

The hose on the bottom line has a stainless steel materialization along with a modular design as well. Plus, the upgrading will be easier here throughout the body structure to maintain the functionality of the gun.

Sturdy construction:

You’ll get the strong collaboration of aluminum design that keeps the exterior body corrosion-free. Moreover, the manufacturing structure also gets polymer support to enhance the durability of the paintball gun. Customization is also possible here with the bottom line design and adapter structure as well.

Versatile compatibility:

High-pressure air is also suitable with this paintball gun, along with the safety push-button, which is also there for a quick cause. In the meantime, you can get the CO2 as well with ASTM standards. The receiver is made of powder-coated material for better functioning.


  • The gun is extremely easy to set up
  • gun works really well easy to setup
  • Removable feedneck adapter
  • Affordable Gun


  • Not Suitable for all ages

[su_button url=”https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B016OK8RKO?ie=UTF8&linkCode=ll1&tag=paintballly-20&linkId=a64edfdbb36ae30489a7566d20e1a061&language=en_US&ref_=as_li_ss_tl” target=”blank” background=”#ff5722″ size=”13″ center=”yes”]Check Price On Amazon[/su_button]

7- Tippmann Cronus Paintball Marker Gun


[su_button url=”https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00GA2JM3I?ie=UTF8&linkCode=ll1&tag=paintballly-20&linkId=d53cbd75b7e153a508f9c3bd8fbf0c60&language=en_US&ref_=as_li_ss_tl” background=”#ff5722″ size=”13″ center=”yes”]Check Price On Amazon[/su_button]

Experience a sublime paintball game with this best paintball gun for under $150. It features a versatile mount to attach your favorite laser and light as accessories. In addition, this gun embellishes your experience with its high-quality rubber grip offering complete control over the game.


This paintball gun rightly meets high standards of durability with its Milsim body. You’ll get your gun in a very sturdy-looking outer profile making it resilient and tough against all sorts of impacts. Moreover, this gun promises long-term usage with its high-quality construction, unlike most flimsy paintball guns.

Reliable Gun:

Your favorite paintball gun is super reliable with the in-line bolt system. This favorite system is cleverly installed on your gun so you can shoot with supreme confidence. Additionally, shooting with this gun is more stable and powerful, outperforming your opponents with a clear margin.

Rubber grip:

Handling is a crucial part of your paintball shooting game. That is the reason why this gun incorporates a versatile rubber grip offering a fantastic handling experience. As a result, players now be able to hold the gun for long durations without facing troubles.

Easy modifications:

Modifying your paintball gun with your personal preference is easier than ever. The marker features four Picatinny rails that help you for mounting your favorite accessories for the game. So, this feature comes in very handy when you’re looking to play in dark environments.


  • Most accurate Gun
  • super reliable, easy to maintain
  • Vertical Grip
  • This marker is easily modified


  • No Specific Cons

Quick shoot response:

The responsive shooting feature has been drastically improved on this paintball gun. Players can now shoot and win with its high response shoot rate, adding to its versatility. Moreover, its system promises balanced shots and stable handling to outshine the opposition.

[su_button url=”https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B016OK8RKO?ie=UTF8&linkCode=ll1&tag=paintballly-20&linkId=a64edfdbb36ae30489a7566d20e1a061&language=en_US&ref_=as_li_ss_tl” target=”blank” background=”#ff5722″ size=”13″ center=”yes”]Check Price On Amazon[/su_button]

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a good inexpensive paintball gun?

There is a number of low price paintball guns available on the market. The top 3 on our list are:

  1. Umarex T4E HDS Shotgun Training Pistol Paintball.
  2. Tippmann Cronus Tactical Marker.
  3. JT SplatMaster z18 .50 Cal Paintball Marker.

How much does a decent paintball gun cost?

The price of the paintball varies from company to company. This is because it depends on the material used in the constructions and features. Additionally, the price starts from under $100 and can reach up to $2,000.

Do paintballs hurt?

If a paintball has hit you, it’s tough not to notice. It is prevalent to feel a slight wound on the arm of the players, and the pain of the sting is minor and recovers quickly.

What material is used in the construction of paintball guns?

Usually, the paintballs are made of aluminum as it is light in weight and easy to carry. However, some of the paintball guns are made of plastic and composite material as well.


Finally, we can say that here are the top-trending and best paintball guns under $150 with all the handy features. The gripping handles are very comfortable, with a quick response as well. Plus, the safety push buttons are also there in most of our selected products, together with high-pressure compatibility.

Moreover, the shooting criteria of these guns have a very fluent functionality with consistency in the mechanics. The size of guns also varies with the type of gun you buy, having different caliber with significant functionality as well.

We hope our detailed review helps you in picking the best paintball gun under $150!

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