Top 5 Best Paintball Guns Under 100 – Guide & Reviews

Best Paintball Gun under 100
Best Paintball Guns Under 100

If you are a paintballer and your budget is tired to get the paintball then you need to check out our reviews about the best paintball guns under $100. We consider finding the best guns that help to make your game like a pro in reasonable

The weight of our selected best paintball guns under 100 has been maintained to perfection and exceptionality so that everyone carries it with simplicity. Therefore players can easily play the paintball game with these guns.

Best Paintball Gun Under 100 Reviews

ProductsPaintball Gun Under $100RatingPrice
1Spyder Victor Semi-Auto Paintball Marker4.5/5
2Azodin KAOS 2 Paintball Marker4.6/5
3Tippmann Gryphon .68 caliber Paintball Marker4.8/5
4D3FY Conqu3st Semi Auto Paintball Marker Gun4.7/5
5Valken Cobra Paintball Gun4.5/5

1.     Spyder Victor Semi-Auto Paintball Marker

Spyder Victor Semi-Auto Paintball Marker


Look at this masterpiece by the Spyder store that is holding every professional-quality feature with it. Firstly, it gives a variety in velocity ranges to get the same accurate shooting result in every schema. Secondly, it is designed with supreme-quality, highly improvised plastic material for lifetime performance.

Best in all, these best paintball guns under 100 feature a non-slippery handling grip so that you can play in rainy conditions.

Nonslippery grip:

Some of the Spyder gun’s grips cant help the player to get a stout hold on the game just because of their rigid manufacturing. But in this masterpiece, you will get a nonslippery grip that manages to have the handle even in fast-running conditions.

Co2 addition:

To regulate the airflow inside the gun, the company has featured this gun with Co2 compatibility. Get your CO2 can completely loaded to fix it with the gun. This helps you to bend the ball to the target where ever you want to.

Velocity adjustment:

A pause in a velocity may distract your fires in changing criteria; that is why this gun is bringing a velocity adjuster. This velocity-adjusting gun is best for slow, fast, and distant shooting modes. Now you can play the controlled and accurate, speedy shots with this ultimate paintball gun.

Clamping feedneck:

With a minor flick on the clamp, you can keep your paintballs secure and protected from falling off. This helps you out to get the complete focus on your game without worrying about paintballs falling.


  • Feedneck offers a clamping system
  • It comes with a velocity adjuster
  • The grip is made of nonslippery rubber
  • The best budget-friendly gun


  • Air valve fails sometimes


This gun looks for the accurate working of fires, allowing a Co2 gas compatibility and high-quality velocity adjuster fixation. Further, this gun has compatibility with both CO2 or compressed air.

2. Azodin KAOS 2 Paintball Marker

Azodin KAOS 2 Paintball Marker


Feel the classical paintball gaming essence of playing with this lightly manufactured, well-built gun. Handling this gun is not a problem now, not even for the players of an early age because this one is bringing an ergonomic grip. This is delivering the top accurate and precise fires even in changing scenarios.

On the other hand, it keeps all balls inside the storage area because of the screw-lock addition on the feedneck.

Carrying ease:

This small-weight paintball gun is bringing the best carrying facility for players of all ages. As we all know, kids can not handle a gun that has got a heavyweight, and doing this; they may lose their strategies. That is the main reason this gun is holding a less-weight body.

Adding up this feature, you can transport it with great simplicity and travel with zero hassles.


Keeps your balls with extraordinary care because this gun will lock them up in a screw-lock. This screw-lock is smooth and asks zero powers for the placement. Even this feature will make the gun comparatively more secure with precise management.

Ergonomic grip:

Relying on the grip of your gun sometimes results in getting the lose of the game. Additionally, this gun is featuring an ergonomic shape grip that is simple to handle probability. It is made with durable and everlasting material with carrying the stoutness of handleability.

Micro-honed barrel:

This all-new foremost micro-honed barrel is leading the fires to the top precision level. It takes the ball from the magazine with great flex and delivers it with double control. As a result, playing with this micro-honed gun will definitely improve your gaming skills.


  • Lightweight and simple to carry
  • Feedneck comes with a screw-lock
  • Ergonomic grip for cozy handling
  • Adds precision and accuracy in shooting


  • Not best for adults


 Get this micro-honed barrel and screw-locked feedneck paintball gun to built your paintball gaming skills to the level of perfection. Additionally, the screw lock makes the gun more durable.

3. Tippmann Gryphon .68 caliber Paintball Marker

Tippmann Gryphon .68 caliber Paintball Marker


Experience the ultimate paintball gaming experience with their stout-design gun that is adding every facility in it. It holds an internal gas line system that keeps the air maintained through the barrel to the magazine. Moreover, it comes in a small size to make it suitable for players of all ages.

Unlike all guns, this one is loading the balls from the center to promote the easiest feeding method.

Feed from the center:

Sometimes it takes effort to load the paintball in the side feeding storage, and it takes extra time. That is why the company has given a center fixation to the feeding area. Now you can easily feed paintballs in the gun to get the thrilling and exciting joy of the match.

Concisely dimensioned:

These best paintball guns under 100 are bringing the smallest size for everyone’s accessible approach. Handling a large gun is a difficult task for kids to do that is why this gun is made small, especially for the suitability of kids.  

Internal gas system:

Regulating the airflow inside the gun is very important to get suitable fires at the right time. So this gun is allowing an internal gas line to maintain the air through. This gives you extra control on your every shot, together with accuracy and speed.

Rigidness and durability:

The internal and external structure is developed with the best solid material to give it a durable look. This rigidness is responsible for keeping it safe from rough drops. Moreover, the firm body construction of this gun makes it durable while performing sharp cuts.


  • Internal gas line for airflow
  • Easy to feed on the center
  • Compact design easy for kids
  • Ergonomic grip for relaxed carry ability


  • Zero chances of upgrading


Have the coziest and relaxing grip on this gun because of its ergonomic grip coming together with a smooth working internal gas line system.

4. D3FY Conqu3st Semi Auto Paintball Marker Gun

D3FY Conqu3st Semi Auto Paintball Marker Gun

This aluminum-made paintball gun is providing you with a lifetime heavy-duty in every criterion. It has added a Co2 and High-pressure air functionality to give you the most enhanced fires you have ever made. Bolt is designed removal to restrict the maintenance problems. Now you can shoot the full-size paintballs with zero pauses.

Adding up to the features, the grip of this gun is covered with a security wrapping that keeps it new.

HPA and Co2 functioning:

Ordinary guns join the airflow by just adding Co2 compatibility. But in this one, you get the allowance of High-pressure air that is taking the accuracy of your shooting to the next level. The gas compatibility is also very accurate, with no leakage problem.

Wrapped grip:

The grip is the main part of the gun that can take your shooting to perfection by offering comfort. That is why it is necessary to keep the hold safe and secure. For this, the manufacturer has wrapped a coating on the grip that keeps it away from scratches, marks, and any other harming aspect.

Aluminum formation:

This gun is specially built with aluminum after seeing the kid’s freehand play. This aluminum assembly is making it a heavy-duty paintball gun that keep the strike on in every condition. So we can say that this gun is compatible with the kids.

Removable bolt:

Some guns come with fixed bolts that ask hassles to clarify their management of them. But, this bolt is simple to remove so that you can easily see the maintenance method.

.68 caliber balls:

Now you can shoot the complete size paintballs to add more paint to your fires. This further includes thrills and challenges in your gameplay. Moreover, all these full-size balls come with zero-pause.


  • Compatible with HPA and Co2
  • Known as a barrel blocking device
  • Made with the hard aluminum
  • The grip has a safety wrapping


  • Not a durable construction


Play a reliable and smoothest shooting game with this HPA and Co2 compatible paintball gun that is assembled with the most challenging aluminum.

5. Valken Cobra Paintball Gun – 50 Cal

Valken Cobra Paintball Gun


This great combination of aluminum and polymer material is giving a lasting guaranteed performance. To make it compatible with kids, the manufacturer has concise the weight. Differentiating it from ordinary guns comes with a .50 caliber paintball suitability adding further accuracy to your fires.

Not ending up with these, you can also change your fire’s speed with the best external velocity changer. You may also love to play with the best paintball gun under 1000.

Stoutest construction:

Different from all, the best paintball guns under 100 is holding the most reliable construction from polymer and aluminum. This combined gun, as a result, creates a great durability involvement to make it a long-lasting gun.

Large size balls allowance:

This gun delivers all the fires without any pause, so now you can freely load .50 caliber paintballs. Moreover, these .50 caliber balls bring more paints with them to add more colors to your gameplay.

Velocity for accuracy:

Velocity is responsible for the accuracy feature that in case of lack of velocity gets disturbed. Bringing this probability to a realistic feel, this gun comes with a velocity adjuster that allows you to maintain the speed according to your wish. This gun is the best choice for all distant, close, and fast shooting schemas.

Speed and control:

With the Co2 air compatibility, this gun gets a schemed airflow that helps to keep the delivered ball in position. In conclusion, we can say that playing with this paintball gun will increase your gaming strategies.


  • It allows you to adjust the velocity
  • Lightest construction for all ages
  • It holds a .50 caliber paintball suitability
  • A combo of aluminum and polymer


  • Average quality


This aluminum and polymer constructed premium-quality paintball gun feature the best velocity adjuster to add a great shoot to your fires.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best paintball guns under 100?

On our list, the top 3 are:

1.     Spyder Victor Semi-Auto Paintball Marker

2.     Azodin KAOS 2 Paintball Marker

3.     Tippmann Gryphon .68 caliber Paintball Marker

Which is the best lightweight paintball gun for kids?

Tippmann Gryphon .68 Caliber Paintball Marker is the best for newbies and kids. Additionally, it comes with all the standard features and has lightweight that doubles the fun.

Do we get Co2 air compatibility with these paintball guns?

Yes, in these top-selected guns, we get the finest functional ability of Co2. Not only this but also in some of these guns, High-pressure air is easy to load. Moreover, the main and the best working of these air compatibility is to add control in the paintballs from the magazine to the barrel delivering them with perfection.

What are the weight variations in these guns?

All of these paintball guns are bringing the lightest weight construction to promote everyone’s playability feature. These guns are specially made for the approach of kids because they can not handle a heavyweight gun. Secondly, these guns are also helpful to get comfortable and relaxing transportation.

Can we adjust the velocities of the paintball fires with these guns?

Yes, some of these paintball guns are coming with a velocity-adjusting facility to carry your shooting to its peak. Further, these velocities adjusting guns work with the same accuracy even in fast-moving, distant, and close shooting matches.

Do these guns feature relaxing grips?

Yes, to promote a comfy and satisfying feel of handling these guns are coming with the most relaxing grips. Some of these stout-made guns are loading an ergonomic shape grip that is even handleable for the kids.


All in all, the best and most smoothly assembled paintball guns make your playability look easier. These paintball guns are now suitable for all ages, with asking least handling power coming with smooth and comfy grips. Also, these paintball guns have the most improvised Co2 and HPA compatibility features that add extra accuracy.  

In the final words, get these paintball guns to escalate your paintball gaming strategies with excellent skills improvement. As a result, the main functionalities of these guns are to develop accuracy, precision, and control in the deliveries to get an easy victory for sure. After our detailed review, we are hoping you can get the best paintball guns under 100.

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