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Best Carbon Fiber Paintball Tank Of 2023 (Best Choices)

The most important thing that stops you from getting into your game is that you haven’t found the right paintball tank for your marker, even if your paintball is ready to go. So the most efficient paintball markers come with tanks with the most innovative features of reliability, durability, premium quality, and compact design.

So for the ease of players, I have gathered a review of the best carbon fiber paintball tanks equipped with the above-mentioned features. 

Best Carbon Fiber Paintball Tank

Carbon Fiber Paintball TankOur Score
HK Army 68/4500 Aerolite Carbon Fiber HPA Compressed Air Paintball Tank: 4.6 /5 stars
JT 90 Gram CO2 Tank4.6 /5 stars
Tippman Aluminum HPA -13/30004.5/5 stars
HK Army paintball 68/4500 carbon fiber HSTL Compressed air tank4.7/5 stars
Tippman 20 ounces Co2 tank4.3 /5 stars
Maddog sports 3000psi4.4 /5 stars

1) HK Army 68/4500 Aerolite Carbon Fiber HPA Compressed Air Paintball Tank

Reasons and benefits to buy

Premium quality

The tank is made with premium quality construction with durable materials to long last for many years. 


As it is made with carbon fiber, it is durable but also lightweight and compact, so it can be carried from one place to another when needed. 

Impressive size

The tank has an impressive size of around 80 cubic inches, so it can easily last for many rounds before needing a refill because its weight is less than two pounds. 

True regulator

The carbon fiber tank is equipped with an HK army tried and true regulator that ensures optimal, consistent performance in your paintball game. 

HK Army 68/4500 Aerolite Carbon Fiber HPA Compressed Air Paintball Tank


Low budget tank

HK army is one of the most affordable tanks for those without a very low budget. 

Better shooting ability

Due to its straightforward process and ease to use, it has better shooting capacity.

Sturdy design

HK army by the brand has high-quality maximium metal and unique sturdy construction.

Reliable pressure

The tank comes at a highly reasonable price with great and practical features to offer enjoyment and fun to the player due to reliable pressure, ensuring precise shots. 


  • Package Weight: 1.14 kilogram
  • Brand name: HK Army
  • Color: Clear
  • Material: Carbon fiber


It comes with the HK army regulator

A strong and sturdy fiber body

Very lightweight as compared to other models

Greatly lightweight and compact design


Hard to find a cover that fits perfectly on it

It has to be refilled before use

2) JT 90 Gram CO2 Tank- Prefilled -3 Count

Benefits and reasons to buy


The tank comes with an adapter in the package that connects a JT tank with your paintball marker. It can be used again after one use and can be screwed to the thread of the tank. 

Cleaning process

The tank has three ultrasonic cleaning processes to ensure no impurities on the inner side of the tank.

Used with conjunction

The tank should be used with a CO2 adaptor to get the best results.

Professionally designed

The brand has introduced such an innovative product in the shape of a Tippman tank with a professional design O circle for airsoft gun; 100% will not leak and perfectly fit with the gun. 

JT 90 Gram CO2 Tank- Prefilled -3 Count


Tested for safety

The CO2 tank is perfectly tested for heat and burst safety to ensure that it will not burst in any situation.

Supplemental option

The tank is perfect for the main source of air power and can be used as a supplemental source of your core air tank goes low during high firepower paintball events or on a long range of shots. 


These tanks come with a compact and lightweight design, so they are easy to port and store in your harness, and you can easily pack for quick recharge when you are in the heat of paintball skirmish. 

Effective shots

Due to the tank’s efficiency, you can do 300 effective shots with one time-filled tank during normal play. It is also very compatible with other models of the brand. 


  • Brand: JT Paintball
  • Sport type: Airsoft
  • Style: Classic
  • Shape: Round
  • Pattern: Solid


Tank is available at a reasonable price

Compact and lightweight, so it is easy to carry

It comes with a durable construction, so it works for a long time

The package comes with all the necessary accessories


The tank is not refillable

3) Tippman Aluminum HPA -13/3000 Tank

Benefits and reasons to buy

Reliable option

When it comes to the best entry-level paintball tanks, Tippman is one of the most reliable and decent fillers for those who have a restricted budget and want to go for an HPA tank.

Durable construction

The whole tank is constructed with aluminum metal, that’s why it is lightweight and affordable one to opt for.

Filling capacity

The tank comes with a 3000 PSI filling capacity that should be enough for approximately 500 shots depending on the efficiency of the paintball marker.

Built-in regulator

The tank has a built-in regulator that offers a universal and compatible 800-PSI output and a user-replaceable bonnet. 

Tippman Aluminum HPA -13/3000 Tank



We cannot include this tank in the heavyweight category because it is still very lightweight compared to other options. But it comes with enough weight to bear in longer game hours.

Best quality

Tippman is a nice small tank and, paired with a great empire snipper, works great in most practical situations. 

Perfect fit

The tank’s design is small enough and a perfect fit for portability when required by most users. It can easily fit into SIG MPX.177 Pellet CO2 rifle. 

Do not require hydro testing

It does not need hydro-testing every five years because its weight is 1 pound, 3000 PSI, and can be easily refilled by hand pump.  


  • Brand: Tippmann
  • Fit type: Vehicle-specific fit
  • Item weight: 1 pound
  • Product grade: Performance part


The whole body is made of aluminum

HPA paintball tank with 3000 PSI capacity

800 PSI output offers universal compatibility

You can get 500 shots per tank

An affordable entry-level paintball tank


Somewhat limited capacity

There is much space for improvement in weight

4) HK Army Paintball 68/4500 High-Pressure Carbon Fiber HSTL Compressed Air Tank

Benefits and reasons to buy

High quality made

As HK army is an industry-leading brand, it has introduced high-quality tanks, gear, and accessories for paintball markers.

Light weight tank

HK army tank has a comprehensive system combined with a lightweight carbon fiber bottle and a reliable aluminum regulator to get an industry-grade output pressure of 800 PSI.

Upgraded model

The tank has upgraded paintball markers features like a compressed air HPA tank with a five-year hydro cycle constant flow and carbon fiber bottle. 

Additional modifications

The tank is highly modified with extra features like more consistent velocity, enhanced velocity, and high-grade performance in all weather conditions.  

HK Army Paintball 68/4500 High-Pressure Carbon Fiber HSTL Compressed Air Tank


Great price

The tank is available in different models at a reasonable price, so it is very easy for a common person to purchase it.

Great regulator

The tank’s most innovative and unique feature is its high-degree rotation of the regulator, which permits a bit of customization to your setup of paintball markers.

Easy to use

The tank is very easy to use, and rotating the regulator is very straightforward. That does not need any tools, and you can easily do it even if there is air in the tank.

Upgraded design

Another unique feature noticed is the low profile design of the regulator, which comes to be one of the lowest on the market. 


  • Brand: HK Army
  • Model name: HSTL
  • Package Weight: 1.22 kilogram
  • Color: Black
  • Material: Carbon fiber


A consistent output of 800 PSI

Carbon fiber body

Tool-less fully rotational regulator

Brass threads are best to minimize wear and tear


Not very compact

Tank lacks a quality control

5) Tippman CO2 Tank

Benefits and reasons to buy

Compact design

As the tank is made of aluminum, it is very lightweight and compact, making it easy to carry around.

A great number of shots

Because of its lightweight feature and still rated at 4500 PSI of compressed air, you can make a significant difference in the required number of shots out of the full tank.

Adjustable regulator

Being an innovative tank, it is equipped with a high-grade quality regulator that is adjustable according to situations, thus allowing you to set up output pressure between 450 to 850 PSI for optimal performance.

Wide range of colors

The tank comes in various color options that offer you a lot of room to modify the look of your paintball gear.

Tippman CO2 Tank



Due to the wide range of features, most people do not find the tank affordable.

Monolithic construction

The monolithic construction of rank with aluminum metal makes tippman one of the most industry-standard vessels manufactured in the USA.

Neat design

You will be delighted with the quality and neatness of the bottle design as it will make tasks faster and lighter.

Replaceable bottle

Besides its lightweight and sturdy design bonnet cap at the bottle is completely replaceable when you have used it for a long time and faced some problems. 


  • Brand: Tippman
  • Item weight: 1 pound
  • Sport type: Paintball
  • Package weight: 1.95 pounds


Tank is made with carbon fiber body

The paintball tank is with 4500 PSI capacity

High-grade adjustable regulator

Small profile with a relatively lightweight design

Feel’s solid and well made


Bit expensive

6) Maddog Sports 3000psi Tank

Benefits and reasons to buy

Biggest paintball tank

In contrast to previous Maddog designs, the tank of this model comes with an attractive capacity of 200 z that can be enough for 24 hours.

Best for beginners

In addition, the tank is compatible with experienced paintball raters and newbies. 

Professional league level

The tank is truly an ideal choice for the professional league level due to its enough weight combined with industry standard pin valve mount.

Re-inspection cycle

Tanks can be easily used for five years due to a 5-year reinsertion cycle until the manufacturer recommends having a hydraulic test.


Controlled pressure

The tank comes with a regulator so the pressure can be controlled very well.

Durability and convenience

This paintball tank is a perfect choice for those who want to upgrade its compressed air tank system because of its convenience and durability feature. 

Meet the user’s need

A tank can overcome strict censorship in the paint ball world and meet users’ requirements.


  • Brand: Maddog
  • Color: 4 different
  • Output Pressure: 800 psi
  • Package weight: ‎1.47 Kilograms


Ideal for a level of players

Durable, high quality, and lightweight

Long warranty

Five years retest cycle


Sometimes gas tank leaks 


What the best paintball tank is?

The best paintball includes HK Army and Tippman tanks.

How long are carbon fiber paintball tanks good for?

Carbon fibers air tanks or fiber-wrapped tanks come with 15 years life span, which is good for longevity.

What is the difference between 3000 and 4500 psi tanks?

By comparison, 3000psi offers an average of 10 shots per cubic inch, while a tank with 4500 psi will give you 15 shots. 

How long carbon fiber HPA do tanks last?

Paintball cylinders and tanks need to be retested for their serviceability after every three to five years.


So you have reviewed the best carbon fiber paintball tanks with their benefits, features, and pros and cons. 

But the question is, what is the best one for you?

So this depends on your choice based on your needs, budget, and preferences. 

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