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Best Budget Paintball Gun under $300, $500, $1000

Are you looking for the most affordable price paintball gun? Then here we bring you the best budget paintball gun in a list of the top 6 having the latest operating features.

So, after research of much hours, we have finalized the list of the best budget paintball guns that makes your shoot accurate. And did you know? if your shooting ranges is not accurate you may lost your game. That’s why choosing the best gun under budget would be best choice to make your game like a pro in very reasonable prices.

Yeap, here are the best guns under budget reviews that helps to choose the best one!

Top 6 Best Budget Paintball Gun Reviews

1. Valken Blackhawk Paintball Gun

With over 10 million paintballs fired since its inception, the Valken Blackhawk line of paintball guns has become the most widely used paintball marker in the industry. The Blackhawk is an entry-level marker that is great for beginners and seasoned players alike.

It is easy to load, easy to operate, and offers a wide array of features at a relatively low price point.

We love the Blackhawk because it is affordable, reliable, and great for recreational use as well as professional tournaments. However, this best paintball gun under budget is made of corrosion-resistant aluminum and polymer components and has a high-quality stainless steel Bottomline hose, and removable feedneck adapter, a modular design for easy customizing and upgrading, and an adjustable air source adapter.

At less than 2 lbs and 7 inches long, the Blackhawk is a compact marker that is easy to carry around the field. However, the small size does not mean the Blackhawk is not well built. The gun has a sturdy construction with a weight of under 2 pounds, making it easy to carry.

There are no moving parts or loose pieces and the paintball chamber is reinforced to prevent warping when exposed to extreme temperatures. This makes the gun extremely durable and will last for years.

Overall, the Valken Blackhawk is definitely the best choice for someone looking to start or improve their paintball skills and it is well worth every dollar.


  •   Feedneck adaptor is very easy to remove
  • Resilient construction of aluminum and polymer
  • High-pressure air and Co2 are suitable for it
  • It comes with an easy using modular design
  • The ported barrel is removable
  • The air source adaptor is made with aluminum


  • It has a bit tricky setup
  • Stock Barrel needs to be upgraded

2. Azodin KAOS 3 Gun

First off, I must say that the price is a little expensive compared to what you’re usually paying for this type of pods, but they do perform excellently.

I own the original Kaos, and I’ve found that the new ones are a step up from them – the design is more comfortable, and they’re way lighter and thinner.

While I’m used to using a backpack to carry my pods (I’m not really one for belts), this holster is a breeze to use because it’s more ergonomic. And even though it’s super light, it’s surprisingly strong and very well built. The top lid even features Velcro strips to lock down the pods – it keeps them secure and it’s incredibly easy to access them when needed.

While I would recommend this holster for people who prefer a backpack and who can carry their pods easily (like I said, I don’t like belts much), this one is great for people who prefer to carry their pods with a holster.

You can easily switch between it and your back pack whenever needed (just un-clip and re-clip). And it’s a must-have for anyone who owns a paintball loader!

So, if you’re looking for a new paintball holster, check this one out – it’s well-made and it’s not cheap.


  • The feedneck is a strong screw-lock
  • Double finger trigger promotes fewer energy fires
  • Compressed air and HPA are compatible
  • The feather regulator is very smooth and adjustable
  • Lightweight manufacturing for kids convenience
  • Adjustable Frames for changing scenarios


  • Average quality paintball gun
  • It breaks off paint

3. GOG eNMEy Paintball Marker

I was recently sent the GOG eNMEy paintball marker to review. It is a fairly recent addition to the market, released earlier this year. So it’s still fairly fresh, but it’s also not as widely available as other paintball markers.

That being said, it’s one of the easiest to use paintball markers you’ll find and I found it to be extremely reliable. I’ve had it shoot in rain, cold, windy and even snowy conditions and I haven’t had any issues.

The eNMEy is one of the most efficient paintball markers out there, producing a lot of pellets in a short period of time. I’m talking about more than 1000 shots per tank, which means you don’t need to change as often.

It takes about 2.5-3 full tanks to go through the GOG eNMEy, and with a range of 400 meters it’ll get you pretty far. It has a safety system that automatically stops firing once a shot has been fired, even if the trigger is pulled, which is great for new players.

The eNMEy is very easy to take apart and clean. Just unscrew 4 screws, remove the frame and you can clean everything in no time at all.

As the marker doesn’t use batteries the GOG eNMEy is extremely light, weighing in at just 3.9 pounds. It’s the perfect marker for a first time paintball player who wants something that is light, easy to use and reliable.

I’d recommend picking one up if you’re a beginner, especially if you’re thinking about buying a paintball gun for your first time.


  • Anti-chop laser beam gives the better location
  • Bolt outback system gives easy maintenance
  • The trigger is very light and smooth
  • The electronic system promotes versatile shooting
  • It has a hammer free pneumatic design
  • Best choice for new paintball players and kids


  • The feedneck manufacturing is fragile
  • Poor design

4. Empire Paintball BT Defender Marker

I bought this gun at an estate sale. It was in good working condition with a great paint job. It had a broken eye piece in the breech, so I replaced that, but couldn’t get the bolt release to come out. After a couple of hours I took a screwdriver and got it loose and was able to remove the release and take it off to replace the spring. Then I replaced the two springs in the breech.

All that being said, I think the paint is a bit heavy. Maybe the best for airsoft guns, but not for paintball.

Also, it doesn’t feed all of my standard paintballs. It will feed the big ones, but the smaller ones seem to jam. So, you will need to use an adapter to feed them. I can’t say I have tried all of them. But I have had very good luck with the ones that feed regular paintballs and regular paintball pods.

If you are looking for a good gun to practice with, this would be fine. If you are looking for a really good gun that shoots really well, I would recommend something else. But if you are looking for a great beginner gun, this would be great.

Overall, it works great for what I used it for. And it is under 150$ paintball gun. I would recommend this to anyone who just wants a cheap gun to get started with airsoft.


  • Best self-calibrating loader speed system
  • Basic maintenance can be done with zero tools
  • Very feathery weight for kids approach
  • The battery is very simple to change
  • Five different firing modes for versatile shooting
  • Side and top Picatinny rails are removable


  • Good to go

5. Tippmann Stormer Elite .68 Caliber Dual Fed Paintball Marker

The Stormer Elite is a great marker for the price.

This paintball gun costs under $300 but it is comparable to the $500+ guns on the market, so it’s not overpriced by any means.

The price of admission doesn’t come with a ton of features, but it does come with what you would expect: a nice finish, reliable paintball hopper, adjustable gas system, decent trigger, and high-quality sights.

There are only 4 main adjustments on the gun, and none of them require any sort of adjustment to the bolt or gas system.

The bolt is locked open and the trigger is adjustable with no safety lever required, making it incredibly simple to adjust.

One thing that we didn’t like about the gun was the low quality dummy mag. It only holds 12 rounds of paintballs, which is definitely a little low compared to some more expensive models. It’s also not removable, so you’ll need to change the mag when you run out of paintballs or use it for training.

The gun shoots reliably and performs at higher speeds, but it is a bit heavy. It’s a very solid and well-built marker and it feels well-balanced in the hand.

The Stormer Elite will do most people a lot of good, whether they are first-time paintballers or pros. It’s affordable, versatile, and reliable.


  • It offers two different loading options
  • Semi-auto system works more smooth
  • Lightweight for all ages players suitability
  • FPS is adjustable for desired shootings
  • It has the best performing barrel
  • The collapsible stock has 6 different positions


  • The spring has loading issues
  • Clips quality is not up to the mark

6. Spyder Victor Semi-Auto Paintball Marker

The Spyder Victor is a semi-automatic marker. That means it fires paintballs using an electrical power source rather than a gas system.

This is good news for users who want to conserve gas or don’t want the hassle of using gas. It is also perfect for indoor use, where the noise level may be distracting or annoying.

On the downside, these markers may lack the durability and reliability of gas-powered markers.

These paintball guns are quite easy to assemble, but the manual is a bit cumbersome. There’s also no option for an airsoft conversion kit.

There’s a good chance that you’ll experience a delay between when you pull the trigger and when you actually get your first shot. These are pretty common problems with semi-automatic paintball markers.

That being said, the Spyder Victor has a good reputation for long-term durability, so it might not be a problem if you encounter any issues.

If you don’t mind spending a bit more money to get a better quality, more reliable marker, the Spyder Victor is a solid option. However, if you’re looking for something a bit less expensive, you may want to look into the Spyder Victory Elite.


  •  It comes in different colors
  • The trigger can be pushed with two fingers
  • It offers adjustable velocity for required shooting
  • This gun provides a 90 days warranty
  • Clamping feed neck is made of durable polymer
  • Compatible with Co2 compressed air or HPA
  • It has a 10 inches micro portal barrel


  • The locking system can get stuck
  • Few guns have problems with cocking mechanism

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best budget paintball gun?

According to our research, the top 3 budget paintball guns are;

1.     Valken Blackhawk Paintball Gun

2.     Azodin KAOS 3

3.     GOG eNMEy Paintball Marker

Do these paintball guns has a lightweight?

Yes, these guns are compatible with all ages players come with a light and feathery weight. This lightweight further gives a transportability feature with effortless and hassle-free carrying. Kids can also enjoy the entertaining matches of paintball.

What is the involvement of velocity in these paintball guns?

The velocity or speed is paying a great role in the development and improvisation of shooting. Some of these top guns are coming with an external velocity-changing system that helps to provide you shots of your choice. This adjustment and changing in the speed works better in moving and distant target criteria.

Do these guns have a Compressed air and HPA compatibility facility?

Almost all of these top-selected paintball guns are featuring the facility of Co2 and HPA. This air convenience is giving benefit for the flow of air inside the gun. This smooth flow works to deliver all on-target, speedy, and well-managed stable fires. Plus, it will also reduce the leakage problem as compared with the usual paintball guns

Do these guns have a double finger trigger?

Most of these paintball guns have a double finger trigger that gives the coziest finger grip. This double finger trigger has extraordinary benefits that feature a stout grip and asks for less pushing energy. Now kids can also handle these less power asking smoothest double finger trigger guns.

What is a good price for a paintball gun?

The price of paintball markers ranges from $100 to $2000. Beginners and those who plan to play paintball infrequently may be able to get by with a cheaper model. In order for paintball to become a recreational activity, an average $300-$700 paintball marker is the most appropriate.

Our Recommendation

Our 1st recommendation is Tippmann Stormer Elite Dual Fed Paintball Marker as the most premium design paintball gun. These 20 rounds and 0.68 calibers featuring paintball gun also comes with semi-auto functioning procedure for better performance.

Moreover, our 2nd recommendation is Spyder Victor Semi-Auto Paintball Marker as the best working paintball gun. An HPA and CO2 compatible, optimized shooting paintball gun comprised a two-finger trigger system as well. 


To conclude, now we can say that here is the list of best budget paintball guns having versatile working criteria. Alongside, you’ll get professionally constructed barrels here together with a precise aiming system for better shooting. The design of our selected budget-friendly guns have also noticeable with firm body construction as well.

Besides, the frame sights, including the front and rear of our selected guns, offer adjustable functionality to maintain the coverage range of shooting. Therefore if you choosed the gun from our above list you will be pleasent surprise about the performance.

The reviews we have provided will hopefully help you find the best paintball gun on a budget.

Ella Elizbith

Howdy! I’m Ella and this is where I can nerd out about paintball. After being in the sport since 2003, I have learned quite a few tricks and skills. Usually, I hit the field with my pump markers but am no stranger to using magfed, mech, and electro setups as well. On this blog, I will share what I have learned over the years and anything new I run across in the future.

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